In better news, the inevitable societal collapse will let us all focus on our potato farms

@cypnk My potatoes were rubbish this last year, but I was focused on my young husky, this year shall be better!

@seven @cypnk i'm going to keep trying to grow potatoes from true/botanical potato seed. last year i had plants but no flowers or tubers.

@hushroom @cypnk

I use seeds from my older crops, that were starts from a local organic spot I know the farmers personally.

They are solid, I just didn't tend them well this year so I got a couple fry ups.

Previous year I got piles ( over a yard of dirt involved ) and it was enough to last me quite some time. Been using the huge smart pots, layering as the stocks grow, they tend to get bigger than my zucc plants stock wise which is crazy to me...

@seven @cypnk By seeds do you mean using the tubers as 'seed potatoes' or do you have potatoes that flower and produce seed if pollinated?


Tubers, I just take the little small guys and keep em as seeds essentially, I'm on third year of these particular ones.


@cypnk Screw the potatoes! Raising goats post collapse will be the high point.

Speaking of potatoes... VODKA!…

Hmm... vodka and goats... sorta sounds like paradise!
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