I get that if an instance is "silenced", then its toots don't show up in the federated timeline, but I can still follow accounts there if I want and their toots will show up in my home timeline. Questions: can someone on such an instance pop up in my notifications by mentioning me? And if I look at a thread they've replied to, do I see the reply?


@njs If it's "silenced", then they may show up in your notifications. If it's "suspend", your instance is effectively disconnected from that one and no messages are shared

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@cypnk @njs Does the media block (currently enabled for some jp instances) treat posts with media like they're from a "suspend"ed instance -- they can't show up anywhere?

@banks @njs Media notifications should still show up on personal notifications, but not the Federated TL. But some admins are using special filters that they've written themselves (it's open source after all) so this behavior may not be consistent across all instances. Some admins were very worried about potentially illegal content being on their servers at all so I'm sure they're completely blocked in some places

Pawoo was a special case that dropped all messages, regardless of content type

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