A portable emergency communications station built out of an old PC case (from 2004)

Includes 440-MHz HAM, 2-meter MHz, CB(Citizens band), and FRS (which stands for Family Radio Service)

@cypnk @320x200 Is the fact that car-radio-sized transceivers fit into 5¼” drive bays a happy coincidence, or were PC component standards influenced by automotive standards beyond the use of Molex connectors?

@acb @320x200 I think it's just coincidence. Most of those radios fit ISO 7736:

Which is really intended for vehicle radios (and a lot of mobile CBs tended to fit this or under single DIN)

But drive bays are usually 146mm wide

This closeup shows the gaps

@cypnk w/o zoom in, those
transceivers looks really similar to the FM radio that installed on cars XD

@djsumdog Makes me wonder what's possible with a watertight case (maybe a Pelican-style crate). This is a few years old now and there already better electronics available like SDRs and such

@cypnk I like it mostly. Those Realistic/Radio Shack CBs were garbage though, even if you tuned the output pot you were pretty lucky to get two, maybe three watts out of them when they should be 5 watts.

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