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"The Future is here, 1967"

I think this is one of those concept consoles made for an exhibit or expo. Haven't been able to find much info on what the system or console is

@cypnk the keyboard layout looks a bit like a IBM 029 keypunch, but the rest of it doesn't. Maybe it is someones concept idea. "Take an IBM 029 and think of.... The Future!!"

r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk

@smallsees Great eye! That confirms my suspicion that this is a mishmash of parts for some sort of display purpose. If it helps, I've only seen this in Russian forum contexts

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@cypnk there is about a million copies of this same photo in pinterest. I thought that site was all about crafts and cakes.

@smallsees Hahaha! I'm into crafts and cakes too :P

Actually, I've seen lots of wonderful cabin photos that I've saved up for inspiration. My end goal is to retire from tech entirely and move into the woods to a cabin I've built myself