Tonight's mission:

Resurrect an eMachines computer from the 90s with a failed HDD running industrial equipment that only accepts software written for Windows 98

There's a folder full of .bat files!

It's not even one piece of software. These machines are all custom and the programs are mostly DOS/console with a few tapping into the Win32 API

This is gonna be a fun evening :angery:

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There's a dead roach on the parallel cable and enough cobwebs to build a nice curtain. Perfect theme for Halloween

I wouldn't be surprised if this thing conked out cause no one cleaned the back of this thing

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Honeywell made some pretty awesome keyboards. Too bad the rest of this heap isn't Honeywell. I could have at least found some documentation somewhere

Also, keep your fingers away from heavy wheels, kids

And walk around to check that the power is disconnected yourself. Never trust someone else saying "yeah, it's off"

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IDE to CF adapters are worth their weight in gold

If you have an old 90s computer laying around and want to still keep using it for something, get an adapter from eBay or something and you can run your OS on a (much faster!) CF card instead of a slow HDD

This is what you're looking for:

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I love the smell of thermal grease in the morning

(Well, it's technically 8:42PM, but still...)

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It's wrong to play solitaire on an industrial control PC, kids

I'm totally no doing that now

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Well, that was fun. Took a bit less time than I expected, but so far, I the machines are working and I still have my fingers

Now, coffee!

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Down side to coming home after a job like that is, no matter how much you scrub, you still feel the cobwebs

I'm a bit OCD to begin with so I still haven't gotten used to it. The feeling doesn't really go away until after a good nap

Speaking of which, 12:50AM. !

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@cypnk They fit in my wallet which I like. I have a big wallet haha

@jk @cypnk @djsundog what in the ever-loving name of Steve Wozniak is THAT thing

@cypnk It's cool when debugging a computer system actually means physically removing insects from the hardware. I don't get to do much of that kind of debugging any more.

@msh Haha! I'm hoping for fewer of those

But yeah, a lot of glitches are due to bugs, dust, rust, loose cables etc...

Also, never underestimate the tenacity of a mouse looking for something to chew on


Me at an interview for a devops job:

Interviewer: Do you have any experience with Rust?

Me: Yeah lots. One time I had to fix a weigh scale at a cheese factory and the DB25 connector was rusted solid to the RS232 port!

Interviewer: 馃槖...

@msh If it was up to me, I would have hired you then and there 馃槅

@cypnk The original computer bug was a moth in an eqrly Univac.

@bootjack Oh, when there's a safety cage, I take the key

Also, if the cable is detachable, I take it with me too, just in case

industrial accident 

@cypnk All good. None of us want to end up like Tuna Guy.

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