@cypnk So, I shouldn't put CDs in between those bagels? :thaenkin:

@cypnk what I don't get is if someone already had to work at height to put up the sign (perfectly legitimate when a building layout change prevents the door being used as means of escape) why didn't they take down the other exit sign at the same time, or at very least (if the maintenance person isn't permitted to work on electrics) just cover it up? Also if that was my college building I'd be even *more* inclined to explore it as there is likely something interesting like a plant room there 😉

@vfrmedia Most likely just a befuddled bureaucracy and a culture of “it’s not my problem”. Not too unusual since very few places reward any sense of ownership of their own work these days. If anything, caring too much is the path to poverty. Quite sad

@cypnk over here the building manager would get in trouble for not removing the other exit sign (the Fire Brigade inspect buildings periodically), the correct sign for Europe is a "no escape" (or equivalent in the common languages), it has various forms but these are most common nowadays..

@vfrmedia I think that’s the Simple English or Plain English rule. Emergency signs have to be understandable for someone with rudimentary knowledge of the language (and there’s only enough space for a few words)

@cypnk we did use to have "not an exit" on older signs in Britain but since 1980s its been "no escape" for doors that look like they *might* lead to the outside but do not (doors like this existed in the car park at the mall in my old town, I remember the signs being changed over at some point (they led to an interesting stairwell that took you round the back of all the units, me and my mates got quizzed by rentaguards and some cops when we explored those (we pretended to be foreign and lost 😆)

@cypnk lOl, so I'm gonna derail here for a bit:

I saw your name with "cyberpunk" in it, then the cropped thumbnail of a photo you posted (with just the vent and "this is not an exit" sign), thinking – huh, they must have a lot of Deus Ex fans there, trying to escape through vents I guess..

It's not a normal exit, but the emergency exit :akko_shrug:
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