My new computer, which I'm not currently using, asked me today how likely I am to recommend Windows 10 to someone. I said "Very unlikely" and Microsoft wanted to know why. How can I recommend something that wants to know everything about me in order to let me use it and spontaneously shuts down nearly every day with the message "Windows has encountered and unexpected error and needs to restart" (or something very close to that)?

I still haven't figured out how to replace Windows with Linux.

@EuphoriaLavender I've had this problem and it's most likely a hardware issue. In my case, it was a failing video card, but other hardware failiures can cause it too

Sad thing is that for a lot of users, there's no way to replace Windows. Some critical applications are only available on it

@cypnk @EuphoriaLavender
I think a lit of users might be slightly exaggerated. I know tons of people. The majority of people that I know actually, do absolutely nothing that requires anything that is windows only.

There are certain career fields that use proprietary windows or Mac only programs. It's a shame. But there are probably a lot more people than we realize that could switch to linux and not look back.

@kelbot @EuphoriaLavender It absolutely is a lot of people. Hard to see, but it's true

Scheduling software for your doctor, dentist, hairstylist etc... all consistently use a set of industry standard software which run usually on Windows. MRI, X-Ray machines etc... too

The PLCs running robotic arm controllers in factories, oil refineries, water purification plants etc... are programmed with safety certified software. On Windows

Add to this the business world... You get the picture

@cypnk @EuphoriaLavender
Right, but all of those people go home to their personal computers and don't need any of that proprietary junk.

@kelbot @EuphoriaLavender Because these industries routinely involve communication with others, for consistency (and profit margins) almost all professional offices insist on something based on Windows. Not because they're averse to Linux (I'm sure they'll do fine), but consistency saves cash

It's all about money in the end and if your work uses Windows, you are more likely too. Most people don't want to learn something new. They already have real life problems to deal with let alone software

@cypnk @EuphoriaLavender
Yes, I know these roadblocks to Linux adoption. My point is that they could. They could absolutely do everything they normally do without windows. It's unfortunate that the non technical people are railroaded into it basically from multiple sides. Schools and jobs being the main ones.

It takes a perfect storm of a user that is slightly technical and curious and with just enough frustration with windows to seek an alternative.


@kelbot Baby steps ;)

Microsoft captures the market early with their tentacles into schools. In college, all the business courses practically make it mandatory. That has to change like yesterday. We have to get leaders of tomorrow accustomed to alternatives both in school and at home. Work will follow suit

Good news is that new fields are popping up where software prerequisites aren't defined yet. But Open Source really needs usability experts to make sure the opportunity isn't lost

Agreed, usability needs to be a focus. One of the hardest things to overcome is how do you market Linux?

@kelbot Marketing Linux may be the wrong approach

What I've noticed over and over is that folks don't care much about the tool as much as what it allows them to do

What do people already do and can Linux match it? More importantly, can it do so securely? (What's on a lot of people's minds these days)

Linus needs to move past his "security bugs are just bugs" attitude. I hate to sound exploitative but the ransomeware debacles are a great opportunity for Linux

@kelbot Marketing tools people will love and find useful, which just so happen to use Linux, may be the way to go

@cypnk @kelbot The modern preference for SaaS should open the door for this, since Fx and Chrome work near-perfectly across platforms. But I guess MS (for example) will provide a lot of extra integration features in Office 365 for Windows users to keep people locked in.

@cypnk @kelbot Add to this the likes of Google, with their chromebooks and G-suite for education. Problem is now Google and M-soft have gotten so good at online collaboration, the platform you use doesn’t even matter so long as it will run a browser.

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