I’ve noticed that more and more images of art and photography are now on Pinterest, hidden behind a login/register prompt

Our commons that is the web is getting locked away behind corporate silos

@cypnk @gcupc not to mention all the people who only post their work on bookface, also behind a loginwall

@chr @gcupc Yup. It’s like the web doesn’t exist outside of social media. Of course Facebook goes out of its way to perpetuate that impression

@cypnk I've found some pinterest content to originally be taken from Flickr and you can still get to it if you go to the bother of unpicking the URLs sources and using custom filters on ublock to hide some of the nag screens, tjhe same can be done with facebook (but its not trivial effort!),i was doing it to inspect cat pictures from animal rescues in Malaysia to see how many half wildcats were ending up as house pets there (quite a few, and it is the "Asian Tiger Mom" types who rehome them)

@vfrmedia At this point, one may need different browsers, since fingerprinting still happens in less obvious ways. Also, some sites don’t work at all without some kind of JavaScript

@cypnk I can usually convince the site backend I am using some obscure Chrome device such as the tablets sold at supermarkets to middle aged Germans (Google already think I am one of them anyway) and get half the pictures.

It does worry me to see charities (e.g animal shelters) become dependent on commercial silos; whether they are in Kuala Lumpur or Kesgrave; as I could easily miss a lot of their content and it "cuts off" older people too who would often support them!


Pinterest is such a terrible offender. I'm usually not too militant about free software/culture with others, but I will try and persuade people I know to leave pinterest. I'm not sure what the most viable (and, more importantly, accessible) alternative is, bit its the type of service that absolutely sells the idea and benefits of federation I think.

@nigeldgreen They've managed to capture what people care most in the end: Ease of use and immediate gratification. If there is to be a Pinterest alternative, it has to at least match those without nefarious ulterior motives

If there is a federated gallery alternative, @ekaitz_zarraga created something wonderful that could be a start of one:

@cypnk @ekaitz_zarraga

I agree, and fear that the majority of users don't see these types of services as dangerous enough to leave unless the alternative is as easy to use and shiny as what they have now. I'll keep on chipping away - one person boycotting won't make a dent, but the long-term network effect could be like grains of rice on a chessboard (allowing time for viable, federated, alternatives to scale organically as a new home?)

Great work on the gallery Ekaitz - looks very cool!

@nigeldgreen @cypnk Aaaawww thank you! 😍

There is a lot of interest on this one and I just made it to learn ClojureScript hahahaha

About what you say about pinterest I agree 100%. I made the gallery as an art project where I visualize all the artists we have here but at the same time it can be the starting point of something else. The main idea was to spark people to make new things and the pinterest alternative is something that can be built on top of mastodon too.



@cypnk is a good website with high quality photos under a free license and is a good website for everything creative. None of them require an account.

@hund There's also Sadly, these are few and far between and they too represent bottlenecks on the open web. A lot of niche photos that originally came from some source on the web eventually ends up on Pinterest and get's locked

I've seen photos from DeviantArt on Pinterest too

@cypnk That is unfortunately a thing on most sites, but it's more common on sites like Pinterest where there's a lot of noobs, if I may word it like that. I think it's not so much that they don't care, than them not actually understating why you should not reupload others anywhere at all.

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