@swizzard Right? Also, my mom and the rest of my family have no idea what I actually do. I don’t know how to explain either :(

@cypnk I always just say “computers” and hope that’s enough

@cypnk I also feel this way. Programming is super tedious. The small-script-building-kinda-stuff is 'green-field' and fun, but only when you already know your toolkit.

@cypnk Put another way: Building software to *do* stuff is exciting and enjoyable, but building the neverending plumbing to get stuff to talk to each other is boring and tedious.

@cypnk @enkiv2 basically I want to write a spec and let the machine do the programming part for me.

I am lazier than your normal lazy programmer. 😓

@enkiv2 @cypnk There's no solace in such a fantasy. My humble little Prolog programs would still have to interface with ugly shitty software monsters. And that shitty software must encompass shitty interfaces to still more shitty softwares, written in unsafe languages without specs under pressure by myopic, ignorant managers; the complexity compounds and hence a fresh new computer does not feel any more responsive than an old C64, although it ostensibly can do much more.

@enkiv2 @cypnk In my fantastical world, all the software is formally verified and written in F*, and their interfaces formally specified. :blobaww: :blobwizard:

I am not really disputing the benefit of software diversity, but rather that we still don't know how to write software well. :blobpats:

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