@balrogboogie Took a big risk, though cops in the UK seem to pull out their guns less often than here

@cypnk @balrogboogie if they need guns they have to call a special unit with assault rifles that arrives in a truck iirc

USpol, police, weapons Show more

USpol, police, weapons Show more

@jk @balrogboogie There has to be some kind of increased barrier to using deadly force here too. I don't think this system is sustainable for community health or sanity

@cypnk @balrogboogie @jk I suspect it needs to be social, though - there's a legitimate need for officers to be armed in this country. We need to make them not use their weapons as a first resort, though.

Make officers be members of the communities that they're policing, rather than outsiders coming in to impose law and order on their communities, and you'll go a long way. Penalties for officers misusing deadly force need to have teeth - maybe even more than against civilans doing the same.

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