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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk@mastodon.social

Finalized the changes to my ramblings page


That's a hidden service, so you need Tor Browser

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@cypnk Thta onion post o.o ...this is the one hosted on your openbsd box right? :D

@Sir_Boops Yup. Although it's kinda slow now. It's on an old Thinkpad from around 2008. I didn't think that many people wanted to read my ramblings :P

I may move this to an old desktop tomorrow

Well, that was quick. Ya'll hammering my dinky little laptop and it's as slow as molasses 😂

Even though I liked the portability of having everything on the Thinkpad, I may need to move this to an old desktop after all

@cypnk using a tab suspender addon in my browser(s) did absolute wonders for my laptop (an old thinkpad). Just in case you arent using one already :)

@tether Oh I meant the site. It's a hidden service over Tor installed on an old Thinkpad and I guess posting the link here meant lots more people are dropping by

@cypnk oh lol... sorry, last night i wasnt all there... possibly^^