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@cypnk aand it doesn't work because of course

cc @hulver I think our file hosting is hosed, saw this once before on a hulvr-hosted asset

@hulver is it because I don't pronounce "gif" right?

@rook it is pronouned JIF, like the cleaning fluid.

@rook Could be something to do with the conversion.
An mp4 I uploaded seems to work ok.

@rook Is the original file anywhere I can access it?

@rook Looks like conversion fails for that gif for some reason. Works ok if I convert it somewhere else.

@rook Looks like it trys to convert it, even if it's not actually an animated gif.
I need to update to the latest version of mastodon, I'll check it again after that and see if it's still a problem, then see if it can be fixed.

@hulver @rook you just triggered my p. A. S. D. That is post Amiga stress disorder.

@obvioustroll @hulver literally troubleshooting a guru meditation error