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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk

FYI, when sharing a link, check if the following are present in the URL

.( followed by random string)

These are “engagement trackers” and they can reveal your source for the URL

Consider the implications if you include them. They’re not needed for the website you’re visiting to actually show you the content

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@cypnk All these years of seeing those on URLS and it never occurred to me to think about what they were.

@lordbowlich We don’t normally look at the URL that closely so it’s easy to miss what they mean

@cypnk there are browser extensions you can install to strip them out

@technomancy That does involve installing YetAnotherExtension and I have to trust the developer isn’t after my privacy too. Either way it’s good to be aware of what these are

@cypnk I cloned one from source, hopefully no need to trust the author when you can verify. But yeah, you should be aware for sure.

i like to add other sites or names to utm_source just for fun.

@alsternerd @cypnk That is our Royal policy on UTM links. We would prefer to have clean URLs, but defecating in the food bucket of the advertising algorithm is too much fun.

@Celestia @alsternerd That's the most interesting analogy I've read today 😂

@cypnk it was mentioned a while ago that masto should perhaps strip them anyway

@LottieVixen On the surface, that could be a solution for some instances. But editing links does raise other issues like control over posted content

Also, the tracking itself can be dealt with somewhat with Tor and such, but the issue is that the "utm_campaign" which can be unique and can reveal where the URL was found originally

@cypnk yeah I know some utm stuff, hmm... that is probably why it wasn't taken up

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@cypnk I always wanted to write a browser extension that remove them, does one exist?

@minirop There may be some privacy extensions that do this, but I haven't really looked. If you do plan on writing, this is a good starting point explaining what they mean:


You might be able to guess others if they show up and fit a similar pattern

@cypnk there's a blog I follow that won't show the page if those parameters are in the url and makes you click another link to continue to the page without them, to try and discourage people from sharing links to their site with those parameters in them. If more sites did this they'd go away

@vi Woah! That's hardcore looking out for the visitor. Yeah, that would end this practice very quickly

@cypnk I've been cleaning these out since long before I knew about the privacy implications. ^^;

@Skirmisher @cypnk I wonder if an extension exists to nix them automatically. 🤔

@cypnk It may sound silly, but the main reason why I remove those trackers is because I don't want to share an ugly URL, if I can avoid to

@miramarco I know the feeling. It just looks so much nicer

I also found that I’m more likely to click a “clean” link with fewer parameters. Somehow seeing a bunch of them is a turn off

@cypnk I can't help but feel that there's an add-on for Firefox and Chrome waiting to be written here.