This is brilliant and not officially allowed by John Deere

"I take the hog waste and run it through an anaerobic digester and I've learned to compress the methane," he said. "I run an 80 percent methane in my Chevy Diesel Pickup and I run 90 percent methane in my tractor. And they both purr. I take a lot of pride in working on my equipment."

This is the kind of innovation these draconian contracts and DRM nonsense is preventing

It needs to stop

Very interesting! As far as I'm aware, here in Spain lots of farmer are not aware even of the DRM.

@elfio That’s wonderful and it’s the way things should have been here too. Sadly, the corporations have more rights here in some ways than the people

John Deere has a monopoly on farming equipment in most areas here so the farmers don’t have a choice

Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. The DRM may be on course here too, but farmers seems to be unaware of that if that's the case. It doesn't seem to be any movement against that kind of problems, not sure why.

@elfio I think farmers there have more choices than over here so even if DRM exists, the corporations may not be putting the same kinds of restrictions. Or else, they’ll buy tractors from someone else

Also, consumer rights may be stronger over there than here

Yeah, maybe you're right. Anyway I fully support what those farmers are fighting for: do what you want to do with the stuff you own.

@cypnk yeah i remember reading this, article has been about for a few years already right?

@LottieVixen Yeah. That legislation has been still “in process” so a resolution to this is painfully slow :(

It’s terrible for the farmers living under all this uncertainty

@woozle Very well said! I agree completely

Government of the people, by the people, for the people is now government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations

@nev @Ronflaix This should be the new slogan with stickers and t-shirts added

@cypnk @nev RE:Hacktor, because it could be also helping re-purposing possibly broken tools without having to shelve off a few thousands?

@cypnk this is exactly the sort of thing that can happen if you don't protect your consumers in capitalism.

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