The spacecraft function (semiotic) symbols for the movie Alien and subsequent series, designed by Ron Cobb

It's amazing how these are clearly distinct at a distance and easy to remember

@tiphra I love that site. The article on the movie Moon was my first time reading anything from there and it was amazing

@cypnk I just found it now. Didn't read anything properly. Gotta check it better later.

@cypnk So cool! Always loved these and the level of detail in Alien. ☺️


also note that they still work without color information

and that orientation is irrelevant, AFAICT

@pesco Totally should!

BTW, The DIY space station is project No. 2775 for me

@cypnk I love these. So clear and easy to distinguish.

Note: Yellow is NOT our friend, but red and green are.

@Shufei I was wondering who else saw the similarity ;)

They probably evolved organically so it’s most likely unrelated. Still, it’s an interesting comparison

@cypnk They all have that circa 1980 space LEGO look. So it’s probably just the natural ambient aesthetic of the era... a new space race, a new push for space science, and a new rocket ship spewing rainbow exhaust on takeoff. Zoom!

@cypnk I love them all, BT have a special place in my heart for coffee...

@dgold @cypnk I love them all, but kinda feel like that one is mislabelled; on ships (well, on British ships, at any rate!) those little compartments with a tea urn and a coffee, maker thing?.. in them are called "pantries".

@ej @cypnk but it’s coffee! Other names are important, but let’s cut to the important thing here. Coffee! 😎

@dgold @cypnk Ach, it's only coffee though - there is also [reverently doffs cap] ...*tea*!

@cypnk I have these on my keyboard
In space, no-one can hear your Cherry MX Blues

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