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Gather around children and let me regale you with one of the finest series to come around these parts

Yuru Camp (ゆるキャン) or Laid-Back Camp is an anime about camping and much more. There's an irresistible allure of nature, solitude, contentment, and many other feelings that come along with spending the night outdoors. I know this because camping is one of my favorite things to do

This will be a

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Without further ado, here's Rin a girl who loves camping arriving near near Mount Fuji fully loaded with camping gear. I must say, the attention detail in the gear alone is wonderful. You'll see more of it when she unpacks

The first thing that struck me is the beauty of the scenery. Not only did the animators capture the essence of camping, they were able to translate the aesthetic of nature with staggering completeness

This is the first anime I've seen that has been able to capture that

And we meet someone asleep who fans of K-ON would find eerily familiar

You know who this is like ;)

Depending on the model of tent you have, this could be the difference between paradise and hell (also a torn tent)

I've looked everywhere for a similar tent to Rin's one here, but haven't found anything in the U.S.

This is the Montbell Moonlight Tent type 3, which is only available on this site:

It would be waaaay out of my budget:(

My tent is about 6 years old and it's your garden variety Coleman 3-season

Mattresses are very important if you don't want butt issues in the morning ;)

This is a blow up type, but you can find simple foam models too

I prefer the simple foam types because you don't have to worry about condensation. It's good to have a foot pump if you're inflating on really, really cold day to prevent ice(!) from forming on the inside coming from the moisture in your breath

This is called a "rolling table" and it folds up like an accordion, including the legs. You can find similar ones if you search for "rolling table" or "folding camping table" and similar. This one is metal, but you can get these in plastic too

I personally don't use tables because I tend to camp on rough terrain and it's hard to find a level surface, but if you camp on grounds, they're highly recommended

Rin's camping chair looks like an Alite Mayfly. Also out of my budget :P
(You can probably tell at this point, Rin is pretty hardcore with her camping hobby)

I've tried similar 3-legged camping chairs and they are very compact when folded and super comfortable, but tend to run a little high in price for good models. The good part is that they're very rugged and will probably last your entire camping career if you take good care of them

Rin's sleeping bag looks like it's a 3-season "Mummy" type. The secret to sleeping bags is the stuffing

If you want a good night's sleep in a sleeping bag, set it up way before it's time for bed like Rin is doing here (the Sun is still up!), so it can gradually expand from having been squished in your bag. That way, the insulation can do its work

Camp is setup! That lantern looks like a Gentos Explorer. I generally avoid lanterns if I can and tend to everything by campfire, but if you're reading or doing any walking by night, a lantern is a must. If you're around wildlife, they're very important as they keep critters away while you're doing your "business"

Cooking stuff setup! That stove is a Soto Windmaster, but your garden variety foldable type (there are many copycats) operate the same way (although the Soto is quite a bit nicer and, of course more expensive)

The folding types have 3 legs that come out and hold your pot. The butane gas cylinder acts as the base

Did I mention this is one of my favorite anime series?

Because this is one of my favorite anime series :blobaww:

@cypnk thanks for this! I've heard some good things about it and now I think it is worth checking out!

@cypnk You may have let it slip out.

These are called hand warmers. They're one-time use pads that work on a chemical reaction. When they come into contact with air, they start to warm up

There are some reusable types that you can "recharge" by putting in a microwave. But I don't usually use these pads since they're not all that great for the environment (being disposable and all)

You take them out of the pouch and shake a bit and then put them down your back or thighs. Any area with large blood vessels to help spread heat

Pine cones do make great firestarters, but the narrator (who is the same as in Mob Psycho 100 and is the "bad guy" in Boku no Hero Academia) mentions you can start a fire with a single match

In my experience, it takes a bit more than that ;)

Also, pine cones only work if there hadn't been any rain or if they've been sheltered so always look directly under the tree

Finding dry kindling and firewood is also important. And yes, that pile is a tad too big too. If you have moist or damp wood in there, it might pop causing a big spray of sparks

I use the upside down fire method where the largest pieces go on the bottom, followed by medium pieces, and finally kindling and firestarters on top. This way, I don't need to touch the fire once lit and the heat radiates down to catch the bigger pieces

And here, Rin demonstrates the correct way to split firewood. Which is to gently tap the blade on top until it sticks and the *moving your hand away* before making the final cut

Happy fingers, happy camping ;)

Rin demonstrates the *incorrect* way to break larger branches

The correct way is to wedge on end between two standing trees and push/walk forward with the other end. This way, any splinters will spray way from your face and body. Also, your butt will thank you if you don't land on it too hard

My firewood and kindling piles were never this neat 😭

I also wouldn't do this. Usually, I leave the pine cone or other firestarter directly on the pile before lighting so I keep my fingers safe

Rin's wearing wool gloves so I guess it's not too bad

As mentioned earlier, I use the upside down fire method with the largest pieces on the very bottom, with medium on top of that, and the lightest pieces on the very top

It's also called the "upside down V" or "teepee style" fire (there are many names for it), but it helps with ignition and sustaining. Also reduces the smoke that Rin was worried about before gathering the firewood

Notice the smoke. This doesn't happen with an upside down fire ;)

I have to say, the attention to detail in this anime is staggering. From camping equipment, to the scenery, to the actually helpful advice all along the series, you definitely need to check this one out

And that concludes this . I won't spoil the rest of the series for you, but you have my word that it's a wonderfully relaxing one. Best enjoyed with a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold evening ;)

Now, if you excuse me, I've got a few hours to spend!

@cypnk Not typically an anime fan but I'm gonna check this one out!

@deutrino It's closer to a light TV than most anime. Actually it's one of the most "un-anime" like series

I think you'll like this one

@cypnk Yeah, I have a loved one who is very slowly making inroads in getting me to watch anime that I'll actually like. I wonder if she's heard of this one!

Rin is reading a book called "Messenger from Kowloon Walled City"?! How very

(I know the live toot is technically over, but this was important :P)

Someone was kind enough to put together a list of Rin's books

- The Mystery of Ancient Civilization X
- Messenger from Kowloon Walled City
- The Mystery of Tokugawa's Buried Treasure
- UFO Encounter Files
- Mathematics and the Cosmos
- Three-starred spiritual locations
- Goldilocks and the three bears

One other detail I forgot to mention is that this series has no magic, fantastical technology, or anything else that detracts from the reality of "slice of life". Even the text messages are realistic

The apps they use, including the one for mapping, is based on what's currently available

OK, back to the marathon!

@cypnk ever watch "Encouragement of Climb"? It made me want to get out in the same sort of way ;)

@twodimes Another excellent series. I was only able to watch it in small stretches so I’m saving that one for a longer, uninterrupted period

@balrogboogie Not recommended for camping ;)

It's a great idea for grass, but virtually all similar models I've tried have the same issues with the joint connecting to the back and you're still sitting on the ground

If you're packing a chair, it's important that it keeps you off the ground 👍