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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk@mastodon.social

Try out an experiment for a bare minimum blog. Something that can with a backend with only optional JS and can easily be hosted on a Tor Hidden Service

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@cypnk where is the code for this? at the very least the CSS.

@cadey Still on my computer :P

I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet, but I hope to have it up on GitHub or something pretty soon

@cypnk fantastic. I love the CSS. It looks hackery af.

@cypnk Honestly the only change I'd want to make is solarized dark

@cadey It's meant to be totally hackable. No LESS, config files or other nonense. Just raw CSS to change the background/foreground colors. Everything is editable from even Vim

@Stephen_Stone I hope to get it up on GitHub or something soon. The database is SQLite and it's super light-weight

OK, here's the very rough stylesheet test including the fonts

LOTS of work left to do

I don't think I'm going to mess with the database schema too much, but the rest of the UI needs to be worked out. I'm probably going to write this in PHP

I have an earlier project called "Zine", which was under a different username, and it used text files for storage. I'm going to probably take elements from that and redo it for SQLite

@walialu Thanks! :D

I wanted the least amount of distraction while writing, but still give me enough options to change my mind