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TIL Focus Electronics made a keyboard with a built-in calculator

There's a model FK-5001 is on sale

Some more info on it on DeskAuthority: deskthority.net/wiki/Focus_FK-

This is also why I have that basket of cables from 15 years ago

鈥淭he year is 2020. I zap some FooCoin at beveragecopter to refill my cup. Bartender flips the TV to talking heads debating which cryptos are really truly 鈥秏oney鈥. Viewers are charged per second via HTML5 eye-tracking APIs. I sigh, exasperated, look away, stick in my ear plugs.鈥

鈥淭his IBM electronic tube assembly cuts through the unknown like a rocket through the stratosphere.

It probes the mysteries of the atom鈥檚 core; predicts critical wing flutter of fast aircraft; traces paths of light through a lens system; calculates trajectories of guided missiles; plots the course of planets for the navigator.

It calculates payrolls, inventories, costs; points out savings of time and money.鈥

"Red" by Thomas Dubois
The inspiration is Antarctica

Jonathan Frakes doing his own stunts on StarTrek TNG (Episode: The Survivors)

Arc welding in slow motion

The electrode (top) is being melted and deposited as filler onto the base metal below. The "fog" is the electrical arc itself

I believe this is the DCEN setting (DC Current, Electrode Negative)