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Cover art for Shadowrun: Sprawl Sites by Boy F. Petersen Jr. (Author),鈥 John Faughnan, published April 1, 1990, was a source book for Shadowrun, First Edition

[Adult themes]

Timex Sinclair 1000 from 1982 which ran the venerable Zilog Z80 CPU, clocked at 3.25MHz, came with 2KB RAM. The OS was Sinclair BASIC, which was actually pretty functional for its time

As far as I could find, at $99.95 when it came out, this is so far the cheapest "home computer" that isn't a mobile device to date

1-900-9099-CRY was some kind of... thing in the 80s where you call and listen to stories while crying

The original is amazing


Zenith Programable VCR, 1986

"Simulated Picture"

That time Adam played Santa and Adora pulled his beard off... wait, what?!