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r覊ustic cy蜖be谈rpu痰nk馃馃 @cypnk@mastodon.social

I'm dealing with a bit of an epiphany, or at least a sudden realization.

I'm looking at a new laptop. The model I'm considering meets my needs and then some.

And it isn't a MacBook. It's not even an Apple product.

Sorry, Apple, I need ports and power and a reliable keyboard.

In my search of good high / contamporary (non-scifi) fantasy, I've been recommended the #book "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" by Susanna Clarke. It's one of those books that took 10 years to write. Sounds worth while.

you done been HECKED
how you think 'bout that?

I think I鈥檝e just accidentally invented cyber camp fire

I'm still having the "is this really my coffee cup" feeling and it's been a day already

Roommate took care of the place all this time. And by "take care of", I mean it wasn't on fire when I came back. I don't think I'll be getting my desktop back from him anytime soon, but I don't mind too much

Do not ever, I repeat, DO NOT EVER, read a thread of hilarious memes while drinking any sort of beverage.

@brennen Oh, it was lovely. No internet though, so it was also kinda peaceful, but I definitely need my connections ;)

I just found "OfHouses", a look back at old, forgotten houses from many different eras. There are modern, simple, dwellings to rustic cabins and pretty much everything in between

I was struck by contrast between the Rezzonico House in Ticino, Switzerland around 1985 and the Lovett House among the trees of Crane Island, Washington, US around 1970


@maloki Noticeable lack of baguettes and wine in my TL. Not enough of the French have invaded 馃

@cypnk but it's so much fun to try. Like

"first came the furries, then the french invaded, then infosec" and whatevers.

@maloki We have so many, there's no way to name them all ;)

And that's the best part :P

i hope this platform reaches beyond "i have a ham radio"

Oh wow, looks like I came back just in time to meet new folks fleeing FB

I鈥檝e been way out of the loop off in the boonies so I don鈥檛 know what happened this time, but I鈥檓 sure it was some casual evil as usual

Welcome aboard!
Coffee is to your right
Federated TL to your left
Thoughts galore all over the place

@DistroJunkie So many lies to tell! :P

On the upside I got to catch up to my thoughts a bit. I don鈥檛 think we do that nearly enough. I was in rural West Virginia, about an hour from DC. Man, it鈥檚 like a whole different country over there