@amphetamine I meant nothing negative by it. Just a fascinating observation of juxtaposition between the common perception of Japan as a very modern country and these tidbits of history

Either way I deleted it

@amphetamine Not suggesting it鈥檚 harmful. And those were no where near what I had in mind when I posted this

Maybe I shouldn鈥檛 have said anything


> displays take 750mW for 120ms to do a 1-bit (non-grayscale) update,

I think the problem is a little bit more complex. As I mentionned in my article, you basically have 4 different way to update a pixel, 8 if you have a partial refresh system.

It'll mostly depend on the current color of the pixel as well as the desired color.

So in the case of a white -> black or black -> white full update, you're going to draw some serious intensity for at least 3 seconds where in the case of a white -> white fast refresh, you'll probably end up not drawing any power at all.

What I'm trying to say is that I think you can go pretty far in term of power efficiency with a e-ink display (mostly by leveraging their bi-stable nature).

I want to write a book about an old copper roof that had survived snow for decades

Memoirs of a Fascia

@Shufei @cypnk I do listen to a couple of international broadcasts, Radio Sonder Grense on 3320 kHz from South Africa, Radio Santa Cruz on 6135 kHz from Bolivia, Radio Exterior de Espa帽a on 17715 kHz, and others. Since the PL880 covers the full shortwave spectrum 1711 to 29999 kHz i can pretty much tune to anything, including hams on 80m, 40m, 20m, and 10m. I also enjoy listening and dxing to far MW stations including several from Argentina.

@cypnk When I was a kid I used a leaf blower, a bucket, and some duct tape to make a hovercraft and rode it around the yard like a techno-witch.

My hand crafted portable radio stand, made out of wooden floor scraps, for my Tecsun PL-880 #sw #swling #radio #hamradio #craft

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If you make video and it can be CC-licensed and especially if it's about making or electronics or art or creativity, diode.zone wants to help you host your videos. DM for account creation. diode.zone/about/instance

@cypnk it's not clear from the context if folks remember this, but this game was constructed by Steve Jackson Games after getting raided by the secret service during the development of GURPS Cyberpunk.

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