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FYI Weekends tend to be pretty busy on the notifications

If I didn't respond to your reply or question yet, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. I try to get to everyone as soon as I can

@davidpgil Awesome!

BTW I forget the name of it, but there was a pretty big UFO related forum on the web in the late 90s. Lots of folks were posting links to archives and research there. I wonder if it's still around

@cypnk ive already seen 3 ufos... ever since then i just cant accept we are alone as even remotely true.

@lanodan And I think Alt + Click > Drag also should work on most WMs

ProTip: If your browser window (or any window) suddenly goes off screen and you can't get to the top border or window controls:

Alt + Space + M

You can then use the arrow keys or your mouse to move it back to where you want it

This problem sometimes happens with window manager glitches or badly written JS

@sadie_bunny @cypnk

By the way, some authors have done pretty funky things with advanced species that have low energy footprints. Check out the short "G枚del's Sunflowers" by Stephen Baxter, for one.

@sadie_bunny That's possible. It's important to keep up hope. The one thing working in our favor is our insatiable curiosity. It's impossible to contain us to this one planet so excursions even beyond our solar system is only inevitable

@sustainingsquid I'm a bit more hopeful. Yes, the odds are against us, but they've been against us since our ancestors were little critters hiding from giant dinosaurs

I think knowledge "of" civilizations is harder to destroy now than a thousand years ago even if the details can still be lost. And basic information and technology is also harder to remove from existence

I do think our future is in multiple space-faring species than one thing we today call "humanity"

Bad news:
We're probably alone in the universe

Good news:
We're probably alone in the universe

@mdhughes I think so too. Also some instances with heavy photo sharing cache more aggressively on top of their CDN

@Daylight Something like that, but a bit more positive

Yes, it's bad we're alone (as far as we can tell), but that also means our horizons reach into a greater distance. We have space to expand to a multi-planet, or even multi-galaxy, species and our only limitation is ourselves

We can control ourselves. Not alien species

From a scientific and curiosity perspective, this is bad. But in terms of growth as a species, this is good for humanity

We can be the arbiters of our destiny and mould ourselves as we see fit. That's an enormous responsibility that I'm not sure we're ready for yet, but it also means our success in space or failure to thrive is within our control

@SlightDashOfColour Oh yes, it can be set to very aggressive. Most popular instances with heavy image uploading have it tuned very lax to reduce server load

Your Sunday dose of existentialism:

"When we update this prior in light of the Fermi observation, we find a substantial probability that we are alone in our galaxy, and perhaps even in our observable universe (53%鈥99.6% and 39%鈥85% respectively). 鈥橶here are they?鈥 鈥 probably extremely far away, and quite possibly beyond the cosmological horizon and forever unreachable."


@SlightDashOfColour I was just told that it may be local caching and it's reliant on the CDN

@bobstechsite Just checked (and in FF too, just to be sure) and it's still there

This could have some privacy implications