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Silent Steel was one of my favorite games as a kid. You play a captain of an Ohio class submarine during the cold war, sent to track down a Libyan sub that escaped the Mediterranean sea

It was one of many "video sims" during the 90s where computer graphics were just OK enough to simulate outside details, but not internals, so many of the scenarios were played by real actors on sets

It took me a whole year to beat this game ;)

Hey, guess it's time for another #introductions toot!

I've been on Mastodon for a little over a year, most recently at That server's been down for awhile, so I thought it might be a good time to migrate over to @djsundog 's instance. Because when I'm not writing code that sucks, I'm running my fool mouth about music. Mostly, but not completely, guitar-based music of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Other interests include

I was waiting for a federated social network to take off since probably 2009-2010, and I'm really glad Mastodon has.

A couple other alternate-history retrocomputers that I'd like to see:

* A 68008-powered entry-level Macintosh circa 1987, with 640x400i color video support, in something like the Apple //c form factor
* A desktop-metaphor GUI and integrated graphical terminal hardware on the AS/400 Advanced Portable (OK, I'd like to see that *TODAY*)
* An Apple IIGS successor powered by the (never released, but specified for such a machine) WDC 65832, except give it a 16-bit external bus, too

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@SDF I like the postcard notion.
Maybe many would like a party in com, irc, or on the voip lines?
I'm going to celebrate it by finally putting up an SDF Gopherhole and at least going ARPA. ^^;
Happy birfday, SDF!

"MIMO For Dummies"

802.11 with Multiple Antennas for Dummies (PDF)

"...In this tu-
torial, we provide a brief introduction to multiple antenna
techniques. We describe the two main classes of those tech-
niques, spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing. To ground
our discussion, we explain how they work in 802.11n NICs
in practice."

Current status, courtesy of Toshiro Mifune

Sanjuro (1962) directed by Akira Kurosawa

鈥淲estern Flag鈥 is an installation by artist John Gerrard for

It鈥檚 a flag made of black smoke (non-polluting, hope), meant to represent rising CO2 in the atmosphere


This is a pretty comprehensive treatise for favoring HTTPS over HTTP, which some people are arguing against

Yes, some people still don鈥檛 favor TLS for various reasons, despite it being free. The holdouts seem to have some ulterior motives at the expense of public safety

@cypnk If you watch the original Terminator movie, the plot of the film hinges on a coincidence where the Terminator overhears Sarah鈥檚 mother leaving a message on the answering machine.

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