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This is a very nice intro to getting certs for your site via acme-client on by @romanzolotarev

acme-client.conf Allows the "include" keyword so you can add many domains at once too

I think I'm going to try this for my own setup. I'm eager to move all my sites off of hosted providers

"Balancing" robots were all the rage when the Segway first arrived, but they seem to have lost their place to bipedal and old-school wheeled robots

I was combing through my old bookmarks and came across this one called the "nBot" by David Anderson (originally from 2003)

Pretty much the only reason 4GB RAM is the minimum for a usable system is because browsers/the web are so bloated.

I do as much of my browsing as i can in elinks which makes it possible to get along with less RAM. There are still plenty of very poorly designed sites that just won't render correctly or at all. I just switch over briefly to a graphical browser. It is slightly inconvenient but it is possible to live happily with 2GB or even 1GB this way.

@leadore @cypnk I have installed a screen reader. 馃槺 comes out as "face screaming in fear". 馃憦 is "clapping hands sign". A lot of cruft and URLs get read out, but the emojos work reasonably well.

Could someone please recommend a nice coffee variety that I can get in the New York area? Or available online

Something not too exotic (no poop coffee, please). Doesn't have to be ground, it could be whole beans. I do have a grinder and a French press

@cypnk I like to think a screenreader would replace them with an 808 clap sound.

Sound emojis. There must be a way to do this.

I propose a personal challenge for 2019. Nothing major, but it might give you a little bit of perspective.

In 2019, try your best to avoid as much media as possible that is based on IPs created before, say, your date of birth. (For me, that would include 鈥淪tar Wars鈥 as well as Marvel and DC films.) Also try to avoid reboots, remakes, and 鈥渞ebakes鈥 (remakes disguised as reboots).

and give them a chance. 馃憤

@Stephen_Stone @cypnk
To me, the one with the clap emoji seems aggressive like trying to be intimidating (not sure why). The exclamation points seem very excited. Periods seem more neutral, like just trying to Emphasize. A. Point. But. Still. Friendly.

Dennis Kuschel built a minicomputer with a homebrew TTL CPU - it's an 8 bit CPU with 16 bit address space, but it runs a virtual 16 bit CPU which can run Contiki, a multitasking OS with TCP/IP stack and C compiler. The machine even serves its own website:

Via radicalbrad on the 6502 forums. #retrocomputing

Weed/Wildflower Wednesday
(Fashionably Late, honoring fall)

This summer feature is winding down, but there remain some late-bloomers, capturing our attention before the frost arrives.

Disturbed soil.

"Gallant Soldiers" or "Lesser Quickweed" *Galinsoga parviflora* is a native of Central America and is now naturalized in the New England states. The very small flowers have five tiny white petals surrounding a bunch of yellow disk flowers.

#wildflower #weeds #botany #plants #photography

@cypnk You're not far off, many machine learning techniques use matrix operations at their core. (Maybe because they're computationally cheaper on GPUs? Then again, "everything's linear algebra if you dig deep enough")

Writing 馃憦 like 馃憦 this 馃憦 makes 馃憦 it 馃憦 hard 馃憦 to 馃憦 read 馃憦

I'm starting to think some of these "Machine Learning" places are actually using a big ass Excel sheet somewhere in their workflow

Would it be considered unethical if I get the CTO to sign off on new hardware while he's drunk?

TIL There's a GuavaScript:

"A simpler without oversimplifying like CoffeScript and its relatives"

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