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@cypnk Goss and Subby from #Kraken is our new economic system... Sorry, everybody.

Finally decided to finish this one by sealing in the carving with medium CA. I love this look. Still trying to decide if I like it better than unsealed. Thoughts welcome.
#bentwoodring #woodworking #woodrings #woodcarving #experiment #handmade #jewelry #mastoart #shiny


Videos of people practicing wall planks are now the new economic system.

We are going to be a nation with ripped abs.

Meet me 45 minutes from now at the BBQ place. If you're not there, I'll order to-go and eat in my room.

Spon镁aneous meme de镁ec镁ed:

Ini镁ializing scanners for his镁orical and archival purposes

The appeal of mechanical keyboards doesn't seem to be just the "feel", for whatever definition of "feel" you might have

You clearly hear a sound and your fingers get the sensation of bottoming out at almost the same time

This reinforcement probably works in the same way as in free writing: There's some principle of synesthesia at work to get your creative juices flowing

It's entirely possible to be creative with a "silent" keyboard, but you probably have other stimuli around

i just read this and i identify with it so strongly. wow. just wow.

i love it when programs crash when im trying to exit them. it's like, you can't fire me, i quit

@cypnk After years of working in news, I have concluded the sad fact that media companies are viewed as solely money making operations by investors who 'pump and dump'. They pump money in to bring up its valuation, write off debt, and then sell for a profit. Ownership changes hands frequently among news outlets (Tribune, Sinclair, Media General).
There is no physical product to sell (not talking print) like consumer goods, so there is less regulation when it comes to quality of the product.


in some parts of East London and nearby areas of England (which have also historically had strong ties with both South and East Asia) "a cup of char" (sometimes shortened to to a "cuppa") was common slang and is still heard when those of late middle age and seniors are talking: Younger people usually drink "tea" unless they are psy-trance loving hippies 馃槅 where "chai" is used for certain special varieties..

(from HongKong news)

@cypnk i wonder what it's called in the gray spots and why? i found one blog mentioning that tea was "mookerimungeri" in romani which sounds so funky

@cypnk Fun fact: The Lojban word for tea is {tcati}, an algorithmically-generated combination of the two #lojban #jbObau

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