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I still like this design

Modern iMacs save more space and are obviously more capable, but the G4 was more visually interesting and, to me, more aesthetically pleasing

It got the desk lamp jokes, but it did look like something designed in the 1960s (by someone who knew where microcomputers would end up in 2002)

Down side to lying about my age on so many online (non-legal) forms is that I get birth greetings all throughout the year 馃槗

Instance idea: anonymous dot zone

the goal is to be anonymous. if you post enough information to be identified, you will be instabanned, and a physical letter will be sent home to you detailing what you posted and how it traced back at you

Church Clarity is apparently a listing of religious institutions which don鈥檛 discriminate against LGBTQ+ people

鈥淰erified clear鈥 means they will baptize, marry, hire and ordain LGBTQ+ people

Here are the questions they ask:

@cypnk Bruce Schneier wrote some stuff well over a decade ago about cameras with secret keys built-in which signed the photos they took. If the photo was subsequently manipulated in any way, the signature would not validate.

How well this could be implemented in practice is questionable, but some idea vaguely like this is probably going to have to become a requirement for legal admissibility of photo/video evidence in the future.

so I had a percent-sign in my abstract ("CPU%") and someone did not escape it when converting into LaTeX... :) (it cut off the rest of my abstract! :( )

Two years ago, the front slide of my presentation featured my birdsite handle. This time, I was proud to plug Mastodon :-D

@cypnk and if you wondered why it鈥檚 not for Anish Kapoor:

I saw some of his artwork using that sort of pigment. It鈥檚 eerie. Makes you doubt your senses.

Nissan has made self-driving slippers that 鈥減ark themselves鈥

Because why not!

This is the sort of thing I鈥檇 expect from a hackerspace meetup or something a YouTuber makes. Kinda surprised it鈥檚 from a major auto maker even if it鈥檚 just for promoting their proPILOT self-parking tech in cars

glow in the dark dental floss needs to exist and i need to be sewing with it

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