@aral @fosdem I've privately shared these sentiments you pointed out. When I see the big 5 names it makes me distrust who ever is in partnership with them. Do business with crooks expect to be cheated. It concerns me how deep their tentacles are. There seems to be a common game here. When a FLOSS venture reaches a certain point its seems to be bought out by one of the big 5. Maybe being small is the only solution here? Maybe the big 5 use some of the data they collected to leverage deals?

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@cyprian @aral @fosdem I've often wondered about the role of several factors in these decisions. 1: are FLOSS decision-makers still wooed by the "glamor" of a big tech name being interested in their work?2: is their an implied "let us join or we'll do our own version" to these discussion.

@cyprian @aral @fosdem

I'm no expert, so beware

The gcc is being worked on by high profile professionals payed by big corps

I met one of those pros.

And yet you wouldn't say it's been bought, would you ?

Are copyleft licensed better suited, in this regard ?

@cyprian @aral Same. The trustworthiness decreases each time I see Facebook or Google as sponsors.

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