goooogle + pays $2.15 for Privacy Violations

"$2.15 cents". Is that an 'up yours' reference from Tank Girl? Go see the movie to understand it...

"How much did they pay you to spy on us?"

Tank Girl:
"Two dollars and fifteen cents!"

why do only websites have a TOS? Is there a way to do marketing that gives individuals their own TOS too?

A look at developing technologies that address those questions.


Video from floss Weekly:

For the intellectuals.

A discussion about using the Linux open source ideology in social politics to help decentralise and solve humanities problems.

Sorry it a yt link, ironic, couldn't find anything else. My bad.

With the possibility of hyperinflation around the corner a new method of value exchange might be just what the world will need?

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Web 3.0 decentralised web protocol sounds interesting. An article on Slashdot says Opera browser will be pushing its implementation.

100% opensource, GNU copyleft hardware computer. Not super powerful but way cool.

@GNUxeava @unfa Andrew's story made the news, he had lots of support to help his case be heard. Imagine all the small businesses who don't have that kind of support? With gogle you are the product. Everything you do there is sold as metadata/ info to advertisers and governments and anyone else who is their customer. 'Nothing is free'. I find Nextcloud such a fantastic alternative for most cloud computing needs. Including video chats

@unfa He lost access for over 3 weeks for no reason, he had to fight to get access back. I assume he has probably migrated his accounts and info.

@unfa He was working on a Google Stadia port of Terreria, so I better corret myself, ge was indirectly working for Gogle

@unfa Remember Andrew Spinks, who was contracted by Google for his game Tererria who for no reason lost access to ALL his gogle related accounts, emails, youtube, gogle drive, etc. 14 years of work gone up in smoke. It can happen to anyone anytime.

There is a growing number of public services in my country only available via a gogle or aple smart phone. Isn't this a form of discrimination? Not everyone has or wants one of those devices

Libre-Soc is an awesome project aiming to create a totally 100% free/libre arm-like processor. The ISA, gpu, firmware, the total stack. Total transparency.

What I'm thinking about is a service that content creators from various forms of media can sign up to. Their body of work is then made available to consumers with a financial/ crypto account associated to this service idea. Consumers then have the option to consume as much or as little as they want and only get charged for what they looked at.

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I'm struggling with the way subscriptions work. To watch one show, listen to one podcaster, read one political commentator I have to take out several channel/ service subscriptions. Then after finishing what I wanted to consume I have to cancel the subscription. I want to fund content creators for what they create but I can't afford 50 different subscriptions. Anyone know of any projects working on pay-per-view micro transactions.

@topio @ademalsasa FOSS gives me autonomy by giving me choice, empowerment and opening my mind to things I'd never know about. It offers alternatives and thus hope to a better world...

Larry Sanger, ex-founder who left Wikipedia after fundamental disagreements is initiating a new form of decentralising knowledge using open stadards.

@fatboy People don't seem to care. They know we have spyware but they ok with it. And that's how they like it. Gotta love human nature

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