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Remember when the protagonist of King's Quest looked like this?
(From the manual of the original 1984 IBM PCjr version)

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If electric cars are the future does anyone know if any of them will be able to disconnect from the internet? I'd rather not be open to IOT attacks while driving, nor do I want my car to stop if the network goes down, nor do I want to pay for an intenet connection just to drive. Any insight appreciated. I'm just wondering if we need to start thinking about this issue before its too late...

Does anyone know of any good green/ renewable energy hosting companies that will host addresses? Not ones that offer 'offsets'. Carbon offsets are like payng for the right to pollute which I don't want to do... Cheers :)

Just letting people know if you use Privacy Badger on Firefox you can get the actual addresses of the trackers on each webpage. Then on Linux you can edit the '/etc/hosts' file to block your network from reaching those addresses. This may 'break' sone websites. But I figure if a site breaks because it needs trackers then its probably not worth visiting.

Seems like a lot of 'Linux' podcasts these days seem to talk more and more about windos and goog. Thinking about MS and Linux it occurred to me that trust is earned, not given. Years of corporate abuse doesn't just simply vanish over night. Not just abuse of Linux but other entities. And it doesn't really matter that the head of a company changes, it has inherited the past of the company and has to deal with it. My concern is the trend to put proprietary into Linux is getting deeper and deeper

Enjoying some great tracks from: Kyle Drake from Neocities has developed an app to stream music from an archive of rescued music from Myspace. Most songs were lost apparently but these survived. Some great music on it. For music lovers...

Opensource app.

Melbourne, Vic. Usually this is the hottest time of the year. The city is covered in smoke haze last few days from some of the worst bush fires ever. Today it feels like winter! Can't help but scratch my head!

Its hard to change people's behaviour if we want to make a better world and healthier environment. It's hard to change political/ corporate behaviour. Sometimes I feel it best to do something small like choose to buy something 2nd hand instead of something new. That helps the environment and not capitalism. If everyone does something small it will add up to a great amount. Your spirit will feel good. Vote with your feet and your wallet one decision at a time. And bless those doing the good fight

I just wanna send some love to one of my fav DEs that I feel is seriously overlooked. LXDE! In all my years of experience I have not found a DE that can beat the speed and simplicity of LXDE. Sure, its not the prettiest but for some of my older or low powered devices it gives me a 1st class experience. LXQT comes close and looks better but gives me a few more headaches. And I know technically LXDE is not a 'true' desktop but apps running on top of openbox, but it is a complete desktop experience

Northern Territory bus service recommends to plan your bus journey on Google maps. They did not have their own journey planner. I politely complained to having my information harvested on international private servers. I know it won't make a change but enough of these constructive suggestions may one day make a real change... can only hope. Better than not doing anything and being stuck with such an oppresive technological way of life... A good use of feedback forms.

noob Linux tip: Trying to find out why a program's not working? Execute it in the terminal and see what the error is that crashes the app. Then type that error message into duckduckgo and see how others have solved it... Eg. if Firefox isn't working type 'firefox' in a terminal and watch the output. If you need to know what the command to run the app is try right clicking on it's icon or menu entry and see if you can get the information that way....

For the most part doing business with large corporations is often akin to doing business with the mafia/ drug dealers. They try get you hooked on their product, they offer sweet deals. Once it becomes too difficult to stop using their product and the competition is gone they start playing harder and asking for more. They call this good business. Taking away freedoms so they can get rich. We all see this time and time again yet we continue to do business with these folks. Why?

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Created a Peertube channel for music and ukulele enthusiasts. Come check it out! Ukulele Australia. First song is 'Over The Rainbow' from Wizard of Oz, played instrumentally.

Another demo of my Autochorder in action. Here's a variation of a very well known tune. I'm using zynaddsubfx as the instrument software and I've set the Autochorder to play tonic 7 chords. I am not a professional piano player, uke is my main instrument so excuse the playing...

I'm working on an audio project in Puredata to help make songs and performances sound richer. It's a programmable Arpeggiator and Autochorder that plays within a specified key signature (even if you play accidentals). Here's a demo of it. The large piano keys are a real representation of what I am actually playing. It is a 2 finger melody with and without the arpeggiator. The smaller piano at the bottom is the midi output of notes from the arpeggiator. Excuse the audio syncing in the demo.

I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt so maybe people can help me with this. MS Defender is coming to Linux. Will it be open code? If not is it wise to trust a closed source program scanning all your emails and files on your computer and sending information back to a private company? What information are they sending back? How will we know? I'd like to think we can trust others but how do we approach this issue if we can't see the code? Trying to be rational and fair...

It occurred to me that privacy is currency. 'Free' email accounts like gmail aren't really free, you pay for them with your privacy. I guess the question is how valuable is your 'private' currency worth?

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