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@witchescauldron @rysiek lemme see if I can get this across:
Politics is a fucking mess.
Shit as basic as where somebody is on a scale of left to right, or even if that makes sense, or what a certain point on the scale means, can and does differ from person to person due to the lens through which they are viewed("centrists" that merely are at the center of their own overton window, people conflating "the left" or "the right" with authoritarian/babyeating/rape/racism/etc.) Furthermore, "left" and "right" create value judgements which, if not intentional, is shitty distortion, and, if intentional, well, people are not going to understand those things to mean the same things, which again distorts what you are trying to communicate.
You are fucking around with loaded terms here.
Worse, loaded terms with like, 50 different meanings.
Sure, it's simple, but so is fucking a wasp nest, and there's a reason intuition doesn't favor that.

It is currently 09:51:14 UTC and if any Americans are confused by this, they should fix their damn date format.

Computer science belongs under the humanities as applied metaphysics.

Ouf ! des tips pour butter les robots tueurs
RT @Gritty20202
Tips for dealing with robotic police dog (SPOT)

this just seems like valuable information

Airline lost my luggage yesterday so today was once-in-a-lifetime for seeing me in full Slav uniform


Lots of folks are likely reading today’s super bleak climate change news and wondering, “what can I do?”

Here’s my attempt at an answer — one that goes far beyond “drive less” or “recycle more”

"We need more surveillance."

Gets more surveillance.

"Oh, I mean more surveillance against you. Big misunderstanding. Can you please correct your misunderstanding?"


Q: Where did the Russian cybercriminal go?

A: I don't know, they ransomware.

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