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I live by four simple rules:

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Don't fuck it all up.
3. Don't forget to be kind.
4. Don't delay having fun.

For me, they kind of cover every imaginable situation. And yes, I broke all of them in the past, too. I just try really hard to not let it happen again.

Let's be excellent to eachother, people ❤️

That's a headline you don't see every day:

> Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster that SpaceX launched into space on their Falcon Heavy rocket last year has completed its first orbit around the sun, according to a tracking report.

Urlaub bei Anklam. Hübsche, aufgeräumte, lebenswert erscheinende Dörfer und Ortschaften überall, die aber größtenteils menschenleer und verlassen wirken.

Fühle mich an Setups in Zombiegames erinnert, wo die berucksackten und bewaffneten Protagonisten vorsichtig in ihnen neue Siedlungen vordringen, weil hinter jeder Ecke Shrieker lauern könnten.

Not sure what's going on

PS: habe in der letzten Woche gefühlt 10000 Kerstin-Ott-in-Anklam-Poster gesehen.

Oh, the memories! What a class act, that guy. Me and whatshisface go way back

About three weeks ago, that moment happened. While spectacular, it was but a glimpse of all the beauty and craziness and joy and raw emotions life would throw at me over the course of the week that followed this here photo. Wild days, truly.

I <3 the weird-ass herd I run with, and will never ever accept them as a given in my life. :)

Ein Monster von einem Erklär-Artikel! Hut ab vor Christian Gesellmann:

> Die Treuhand hat nach der Wiedervereinigung 8.400 Betriebe der ehemaligen DDR in das neue System überführt. Heute reden wieder alle über sie. Warum? Ist sie wirklich für den Aufstieg der AfD mitverantwortlich? Was haben Thilo Sarrazin und die RAF mit der Treuhand zu tun? Und was wäre die basisdemokratische Alternative zur rasanten Privatisierung gewesen? Hier beantworte ich die wichtigsten Fragen.

💯: "Dare to declare capitalism dead – before it takes us all down with it" | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian:

> The economic system is incompatible with the survival of life on Earth. It is time to design a new one

Ebola is no longer incurable!

> Ebola drugs show ‘90% survival rate’ in breakthrough trial - BBC News

ZOMG, 5FeineVerweise #5 ist raus: "Nicolas Cage". Gute Sommerlektüre, erzähl es allen!!1

This is what Ezio Auditore da Firenze woke up to every morning.

Well, that and everyday murder. He probably had a First Civ alarm clock too.

Seriously, Tuscany is absolutely beautiful. Since none of my many pictures can do it justice, this will have to do.

There's an 18-year-old Bugzilla ticket asking to add AppleScript to Firefox. It's still open and kindasorta active.

No punchline.

> 125419 - [META]Add AppleScript support and capabilities to Mozilla on Mac, e.g. AppleScript/OSA Script menu

app is shutting down :( I can't find a good replacement for that supports following of hashtags or at least has easily accessible saved searches.

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