@czottmann I know mate and I feel you. But you still look breathtaking (tm)! That said, that's a lot of grey in the beard, man...

@andy Yeah, I am hard at work on my Geralt of Rivia (circa W3) cosplay.

@andy And thank you ;)

I've earned all of that grey, but I don't mind it, because I still do not actually feel old. It's just looks at this point… This too shall pass, I know, but that'll be Future Carlo's problem, not mine

@czottmann Sounds like a solid philosophy. You look really good mate.

I was reading a book recently (with a focus on healthy masculinity) that highlighted the problem of a lot of men fearing or being repulsed by either their transition into the middle-years or at the end of each decade (hitting 40, especially). Whereas they (we?) should be celebrating that transition and all that comes with it. I certainly don't think I truly understood myself until my early 40s.

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