Finished *The Three-Body Problem* by Cixin Liu. 📚

I didn't like it; I don't get the hype about it at all. It's got a few interesting ideas, sure, but the storytelling was clinical, the characters were 1.5-dimensional at best, and the dialogs were wooden. What am I missing here‽

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@czottmann The second one is the best in the series, in my opinion.

The first book got its fame from its use of modern Communist Chinese history in a "meh" or "slightly negative" portrayal, so freeze peach Westerners fawned over it and heralded it as some sort of seminal censorship signal/breakthrough.

The first book reminds me of some of the really dry Soviet sci fi but nowhere near that dull. The third book is so ridiculous it's hard not to laugh at it.

@cj Interesting, thank you! Yes, I figured the "a Chinese daring to speak up" angle had something to do with it's overly positive reception. But maybe some of its magic got lost in translation as well?

I read up on parts 2 & 3 on Wikipedia already. Pass…

(I always needed to know how a story ended once I started it, but a while ago I figured out that just checking Wikipedia does scratch that particular itch so I don't have to waste any more time on books I do not enjoy. 😉)

@czottmann Eine befreundete Sinologin meinte mal, dass das einfach zugänglicher Ramsch ist (Überspitzung von mir), „echte“ chinesische SciFi sei besser, aber vielleicht auch exotischer für westliche Leser*innen.

@monoxyd Das klingt wundervoll. ;) Ich vermute, es ist immer schwer, wenn man als Aushängeschild für eine komplette Kultur präsentiert wird. (Ich hätte Schwierigkeiten, den "besten" "westlichen" SciFi-Roman zu benennen.)

Anyhoo, kein wirklich gutes Buch.

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