Goodreads is not good anymore.

I want to keep track of my reading, and I want recommendations and maybe get into discussions over books I've read. Do you have any for me?

At the moment I'm trying to use my M.b account @carlo for that … it's a bit unstructured (in comparison to Goodreads et al) but it feels like a throwback to the good ol' blogging times (G-blog represent!), and maybe that's enough.

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@czottmann @carlo
A couple of years ago I set up a room as a book club on #matrix: #TGL& There wasn't much take-up for it, so I neglected it. You can take it on, if you like.

@mark Thanks for the offer! 😀 But I'll be honest, I'm not looking for another project to host and/or maintain and/or organize.

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