Schrodinger's Gurke: schon seit langer Zeit im , kΓΆnnte noch gut sein, aber mΓΆglicherweise ist sie auch schon tot.

This is Coco. She lives with a team mate of mine. She is a good girl and very shy.

Oh, the memories! What a class act, that guy. Me and whatshisface go way back

About three weeks ago, that moment happened. While spectacular, it was but a glimpse of all the beauty and craziness and joy and raw emotions life would throw at me over the course of the week that followed this here photo. Wild days, truly.

I <3 the weird-ass herd I run with, and will never ever accept them as a given in my life. :)

This is what Ezio Auditore da Firenze woke up to every morning.

Well, that and everyday murder. He probably had a First Civ alarm clock too.

Seriously, Tuscany is absolutely beautiful. Since none of my many pictures can do it justice, this will have to do.

After a few weeks of daily use I can recommend β€” it is basically Pi-hole As A Service.

Works great with Android's "Private DNS provider" feature!

Please ignore the slightly glitchy-looking graph, that's merely a screenshot issue.

That's 1000 days of meditation for me! πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈβ™₯️ Mindfulness practices, mostly. It's not always been easy but to me, it is time well spent each and every day. (Thanks to my partner in cri… calm, @Calm!)

I dig that mural. The color splotches are a nice touch. I don't know whether those are an intentional part of the whole thing, out just vandalism. Without them, the mural wouldn't be complete, tho.

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