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"How a video game community filled my nephew's final days with joy | Games | The Guardian":

> My teenage nephew’s life was short and difficult, but the players and developers of Elite Dangerous came together to bring unexpected happiness to his last moments

Man. This was kind of hard to read, and I've teared up a bit. 🙁 Godspeed, CMDR. o7

After a few weeks of daily use I can recommend — it is basically Pi-hole As A Service.

Works great with Android's "Private DNS provider" feature!

Please ignore the slightly glitchy-looking graph, that's merely a screenshot issue.

Discovered Invidious, an "alternative front-end to ":

Basically, it's a no-nonsense YT web frontend. Can be , too. You can register for non-Google-based subscription & playlist management if you don't feel like feeding the big algorithm machine that is YT/Google. Also: import/export data, it's all there.

For now I've settled down on a speedy local instance ( but there are others as well (list:

@kuketzblog Ich finde, der ebenfalls auf #OpenStreetMap basierende #Kartendienst von #MetaGer ist viel zu wenig bekannt. Zumal MetaGer inzwischen quelloffen ist.

BMW says there's no demand for all-electric cars - they are wrong

That shows some incredible level of denial, good job, BMW. I myself would go even further: the age of "one person, one car" is coming to a close, it has to. I love EVs as they're a great and important step to reduce pollution but ultimately, we need less cars around, not more.

> Tests mit dem Mehrwegbecher-System "Recup" würden "kontinuierlich ausgeweitet" — Das ist ja mal ein Großprojekt, McDonalds hat ja nicht gerade wenige Filialen! Nice, wusste ich gar nicht @czottmann 🙂

Lawyer Preston Byrne about upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency Libra's partner companies:

> these entities are each paying $10 million for the privilege of running a node aka unlimited access to transactional data. What this announcement *actually* means is that now Visa, MC, PayPal *and* Facebook are *each* getting unfettered access to users' data.

There's no way in hell I'm gonna use that shit.

Diskutiere mit meiner Frau, wie wir die neue -Kultur nennen, die ich heute angesetzt habe. Ich bin für "John Dough", sie besteht auf "Heinz Erhardt".

Ehe kann anstrengend sein, ey

Liebe Nutzer_innen,
Am 4. Juli wird das rechtsextreme Netzwerk "gab" dem Fediverse beitreten. Wir haben uns im Moderatoren-Team einstimmig dazu entschlossen, diese Instanz nicht mit uns föderieren zu lassen, da sie unseren Regeln und Grundsätzen widerspricht.
Die Blockade gilt präventiv ab sofort.

Insofern weiterhin fröhliches tröten! :toot:

That's 1000 days of meditation for me! 🧘‍♂️♥️ Mindfulness practices, mostly. It's not always been easy but to me, it is time well spent each and every day. (Thanks to my partner in cri… calm, @Calm!)

Is there a community where you can pitch website / app ideas for people (devs, designers, testers etc) to get involved in? I'd like to think Twitter is good for it but past experience suggests otherwise.

The is something to smile about. It was great to celebrate with them back in 2015 and I'm excited to root them on in their drive to earn their fourth star. Best of luck to these champions for equality, on and off the field. #OneNationOneTeam #OneNationOneTeam

Ich habe gerade gefordert, in der EU endlich zu verbieten. Wer das okay findet: unterschreibe auch Du die Europäische !

Warum gibt es in Deutschland keine Ministeranklage wegen Verfassungsverrats?
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