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Haben wir über 3 bis 14 Ecken Kontakt zu jemandem aus der Mobilfunksparte der Telekom?

#followerpower #PleaseRT

Tusky photo test.

Photos: post here or on pixelfed? If the latter, I'll need an Android client, I guess…

I pulled the trigger, I'll testdrive for a few months. The community seems friendly, and the mix between microposts and full blog posts appeals to me. If you've an account there, feel free to say hi!

Suche nach (professioneller) Hilfe bei Wohnungssuche in Berlin 

Gibt es in Berlin Organisationen, die mir dabei helfen können eine Wohnung (keine WG!) zu finden? Ich bin disabled, transweiblich und Hartz IV Empfängerin und muss aus meiner WG ausziehen, finde aber keine Wohnung. Ohne Unterstützung schaffe ich das nicht. 😔

Boosts erwünscht 💜

Major shoutout to <3

It's a dope little app to build simple script-powered apps. Fun fact: it was released in 2003 and the project is still active!

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I've made a thing:

A wee helper app named Bearing which allows for scripting notes-keeping on . Out of the box, Bear can be automated using its x-callback-url API to do things, yes. But Bearing adds to that by slightly abstracting and enhancing the experience:

1. There's a dedicated `bearing` CLI tool that accepts plain arguments. No more URL-encoding anything.
2. The CLI tool returns callback responses as JSON.

Releases can be downloaded @

What's a good/solid "buy X a coffee"-type of service these days? You know, when you want to support a creator with a one-off donation etc.

- PayPal me
- ko-fi
- Patreon (?)
- Gittip (?)
- ???

My best friend just launched "The Weekly Wait", a weekly newsletter on all things . It's really good, check it out if you're into !

(He wrote a few words about the why and what over on Twitter, if you're curious.

for macOS is my new notes application of choice. So much nicer than Evernote because I prefer working w/ Markdown.

After a few days of tinkering I even got 2-way sync with my Android phone working, and I just wrote a little app that enables actual shell scripting w/ JSON return values.

Might even release it.

Okay, das ist jetzt also ein Ding. Irgendwo muss die Kreativität ja hin…

I should clean my desk now often. Look what I found — an Atom 1.0 Contributor patch 🥳

about iTerm's "Selection respects soft boundaries" setting which is helpful AF if you're working with tmux panes (actual panes in one window, as opposed to several windows).

> When enabled, vertical lines of pipe characters | will be interpreted as pane dividers (as in vim or emacs) and selection will wrap at them.

I'm using iTerm for years by now, still this was news to me. Only shows how fruitful it can be to re-RTFM once in a while. ;)

you don't need to install anything to join a event. Just add `?clientType=html5` to the invite link (`…/…` →`…/…?clientType=html5` ) to get the in-browser version.

Es war Sonntag… Sonntag? Sonntag.

Anyways, ich habe mal wieder eine neue Ausgabe meines Newsletters verschickt.

If anyone has a spare Ableton Live Lite license for me, I'd thoroughly appreciate it.

Habt Ihr Ideen oder Links zu dezentral funktionierenden Kartenspielen, also via Videochat? Frage für eine befreundete Herde…

Immer daran denken: Man darf Höcke rechtssicher einen Faschisten nennen. Dass #FDP und #CDU sich ihren Ministerpräsidenten-Kandidaten haben von Faschisten wählen lassen ist also keine Übertreibung, sondern Fakt. #Thüringen

Liebe Menschen, wo sich auskennen tun. Mal gesetzt dem Fall, ich würde einen Podcast anfangen wollen: welche einfache Möglichkeiten des Hostings würdet Ihr 'nem Amateur empfehlen? Ich möchte gern meine Daten selbst besitzen, aber je weniger ich selbst hosten muss, desto besser (aus Zeitgründen, "choose your battles wisely" etc.).

/㏄ @monoxyd et al

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