Image of a large spider 

@Jorah I asked Liz and she thought it is a Wolf Spider, too. We have some around the garden.

@Jorah What size knitting needle do you find you use most?

Image of a large spider 

@Jorah Is that a Wolf Spider?

@Jorah The whole series about different cultures hand building shelters is amazing and quite eye-opening as to how little is truly needed.

@Jorah I’ve been following, catching up, with this channel on YouTube. I think it’s something you’ll find interesting, too.

@Jorah What have you guys been doing? Getting some bike riding time in? We’re finally getting a cool week, after today. And possibly some rain!

@Jorah They’re fairly large and can be damned vicious when their young are threatened or they’re surprised.

@Jorah A turkey was watching me mow, yesterday. He was across the road from me. Four feet tall or more. We have a flock of big ones like that just North of us.

@Jorah I saw this deer napping. She stood up and remained still. I got a couple snaps and then I left her to rest in her cool spot. 90° & humid, here.

@Jorah Well, it’s 99° at 4:30pm and I’d take a foot of snow right now. It was 91° at midnight a few days ago. A/C is so loud I can’t get a good night’s sleep!

@Jorah Domingo is the same as Spanish for Sunday. So is Sábado, Spanish for Saturday.

Arabic uses day1 day2 etc for weekday names, too

@Jorah Weren’t they a little shady on some other things? 🫤

@Jorah Liz gets this on occasion, too. No one at her company knows why as an outside payroll company is responsible.

@Jorah I had a client in the late ‘80s that was a large corp. They had 65 full-time IT staff. They paid me obscene amounts of money to come over at least once a month to tell them things like “The two buildings have different grounds for their electrical system. That’s why your two bldg Ethernet networks aren’t communicating.” I asked my contact why they called me instead of just assigning their own person. She said, “We are all in meetings 35 hours a week. No one has time to do any real work.”

@Jorah I had an employee who worked at a major corp. He said they’d go into work and everything had stopped for A BIG MEETING. All the execs would talk about a new project that would be fantastic. The meetings would go to lunch. Everyone would be assigned to a team and programming assignments would be handed out. They’d come back from lunch and 💥. “Project’s been canceled.” This happened at least once a week.

@Jorah I would say that 80% of all work in these times has little meaning. For example, how many thousands of different sock designs really need to be marketed? “Ours are best!” certainly has a hollow ring to it when there are no discernible differences. It all seems to be make-work after a time.

Mental health 

@Jorah I’ve had that need to feel down most of my life. Something changed last year and I haven’t felt that way since then. Don’t know what changed, but I’ve just been feeling happy.


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