I am attending the decentralized web conference for the next two days so probably a good idea to like, kick my Mastodon server back into gear. Hi everyone

You know what would be nice? If more of my friends were on Mastodon or a service compatible with Mastodon. I would probably be here more, and I would not let my server error out for months at a time

@darius one lesser acknowledged quality of social network lock-in effects i only realized once masto came about is that i'm almost always responding directly or indirectly to something interesting someone else said, and there's just way fewer things being said on here.

@jplebreton @darius i feel like the kind of toots needed to jump start some of these platforms are a bit different from the ones we're used to making once it is up and running

@d6 @jplebreton I'm remembering the early days of blogging when every post ended with "what do YOU think?”


@darius @jplebreton right exactly. also, i feel like i started using twitter really cautiously/defensively to sort of limit engagement, which is the wrong attitude for mastodon

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