this is the album that got me into noise. i bought it from a friend on CD out of a plastic bag he took to the noise shows he organized at a local coffee shop when i was in high school and he was finishing up college. i spent countless meandering country drives with this in the CD player with the volume as high as i could stand it, just basking in the literal vibration of the car.

@vilmibm man it's awesome you found this in high school. great record.

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@d6 yeah! i count myself very lucky to have had great music influences growing up, including my noise friend i met bc he worked with my older brother. friend ran a noise label for our little region and was peddling releases (his label and others) constantly. face of vehemence was his recommendation for someone brand new to noise and i took to it immediately. looking back i guess it was a new album still? this was like 2003 or 2004. prog/psych rock dad and jam band band older brother-in-law laid the groundwork for me becoming a noise fiend.

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