"Perhaps reducing the decibel level of displays to a more reasonable level, or even removing the bangs altogether is the answer. Would fireworks be any less beautiful if they were silent?" 🎆


I've been having fun evolving Atari game players. Too much detail, but here the blog post: richard.dallaway.com/2018/10/2

Went into to Royal Pavillion for the first time (despite living in Brighton on and off for about 24 years). It’s...overwhelming.

Danny opens UX Brighton 2018.

And I am too close to the stage.

Did the Snailway Trail last night (thank you lovely sponsors 😍 at justgiving.com/fundraising/jan ).

Extra bonus of it ending with silent disco on the bandstand 🤩


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I’m doing the 19th December with some of my favourite people like @standupmaths@twitter.com @helenarney@twitter.com @bechillcomedian@twitter.com and @spenley@twitter.com !

The gigs are fast approaching. Excited that so many of our new bloggers will be joining us across the four nights! @jonmbutterworth, @helenczerski, @garwboy, @brennawalks, @GinnyFBSmith, @michaellegge, @soozaphone, …

IBM using LIME in their bias/explanatory AI products. “We’ve been told not to mention LIME, but as you’ve asked I guess it’s ok...” 🙄😀

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The bubbles on the beach can get quite big. Big as a person.

I enjoyed The Circle (Channel 4 reality TV show)....but I’m not yet sure why. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Circ

If you’ve lost a picnic table recently, it might be this one at the bottom of my street.

So it's roman numerals for exomoons, then? Kepler-1625b-i

The 1918 flu: “The large numbers of young men packed into trenches...were, first of all, living cheek by jowl, making contagion easy, and, second, quite likely to die of causes other than influenza before they could pass it on. In these circumstances the strategy favoured by selection would be to breed rapidly in a new host’s body, shedding lots of virus particles as this happens, even if that risks killing a host—for the host may soon be unavailable anyway.”
From: economist.com/science-and-tech

It’s been a while for me, but fun to be out with Astro Brighton on the seafront again: Mars, Saturn, and the Moon viewed.

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if you're in or around Brighton, this looks like a great oppertunity to mentor & generally do some good eventbrite.co.uk/e/thinknation

How my sister wanted the family to hang out together today, on her 60th birthday.

Lots to digest from Anastasia Dedyukhina's "Neuroscience of digital distractions" talk last night.

The main new thing for me was: even having a device near you adds a little bit of choice distraction, impacting your attention.


Correction to my typo: 1914, not 1814, for Golden Delicious.

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