I think someone has put on the best conference ever. Even if it just had “Tail recursion: the musical!!” But it has much more.


Operating system feature request: never default to "Label Writer" for the default printer, even if the A4 printer is offline.

I was at Fully Charged Live yesterday. Saw lots of electric cars, and all sorts of eco thing, as you’d expect. But the thing I was most thrilled about was toothpaste tablets. Ie toothpaste not in a plastic tube. Makes total sense. Hope it works. From: nonplasticbeach.com/

TIL: “The Garibaldi biscuit was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and leader of the struggle to unify Italy. Garibaldi made a popular visit to South Shields in England in 1854.” (Wikipedia)

“...this pursuit of happiness can be stressful – and research suggests that it actually makes many people unhappy” 🤦‍♂️


Re-writing aliases, across 4 million based, into a canonical form. 18k edits later and it still works. Interesting because...successful “tinkering” always is interesting.


It’s not a desert, but looking at the aerial photos of Dungeness I can see why it might be described as one.

From 2015: theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/a

I think my neighbours have had enough of seagulls on their roof. Some kind of bird-of-prey kite installed:

New old word for me: “gigglemud”, constantly smiling.

I’ve not been to the Francis Crick Institute before. Funky!

London, March: “ScalaBridge London is a community for people who are underrepresented in technology to learn Scala or improve their skill in the language. “


Specifically, Mercury is closest to Earth 46% of the time. Venus 36%. Mars is closest 18% of the time.

TIL: the closest planet to the Earth, on average, is Mercury.

Catching up on More or Less podcasts. bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001y9p

Before they vanish from iplayer, do yourself a favour and catch Prof Alice Roberts / Prof Aoife McLysaght Royal Institute xmas lectures. Even if it’s just the first 3.5 minutes. It’s fab.


Underground radioactive decay produces heat energy equivalent to a Hiroshima bomb. Every 3 seconds. This is normal.

From "A day in the life of Earth" which you should catch on iPlayer if you can: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000

Does the iterative fit? at the Turner Contemporary (which is closed boxing day)

Weird: laundry symbols/pictograms are not included in the current Unicode standard. Not that I can find, anyway.

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