"What would you most like people to think about or ask themselves when they encounter data or a graph in the media?
A good general strategy and feminist practice is to ask what we call “who” questions. Who made this? Who collected the data? Whose lives are embodied in the data? Who is it serving? Who is harmed potentially? Asking these questions allows us to start to see how privilege is baked in."

My father (84) decided to make a sign for outside his house. He wasn’t happy the the S, but come on...for what you can find in a shed and with basic hand tools, I think it’s pretty great!

When walking the dog on the beach, I try to pick a handful of plastic (it’s oddly therapeutic), but it’s only after a storm that you get the Good Stuff

In 2019, I've been learning about genetics and epigenetics. I've written up the resources I ended up using (mostly Coursera): richard.dallaway.com/2019/12/3

So much to watch from the NeurIPS (machine learning) conference.

Three sessions I've loved so far: richard.dallaway.com/2019/12/1

Oh, and the slideslive.com service is pretty slick 👏

The Skiff, in Brighton, has "lots of interesting and fun people doing all sorts of exciting work." And I work there too.


Found Ecotalk about three months ago, as the top-rated network in Ethical Consumer (a kind of green-focussed Which?).

I've switched:


I think someone has put on the best conference ever. Even if it just had “Tail recursion: the musical!!” But it has much more.


Operating system feature request: never default to "Label Writer" for the default printer, even if the A4 printer is offline.

I was at Fully Charged Live yesterday. Saw lots of electric cars, and all sorts of eco thing, as you’d expect. But the thing I was most thrilled about was toothpaste tablets. Ie toothpaste not in a plastic tube. Makes total sense. Hope it works. From: nonplasticbeach.com/

TIL: “The Garibaldi biscuit was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and leader of the struggle to unify Italy. Garibaldi made a popular visit to South Shields in England in 1854.” (Wikipedia)

“...this pursuit of happiness can be stressful – and research suggests that it actually makes many people unhappy” 🤦‍♂️


Re-writing aliases, across 4 million based, into a canonical form. 18k edits later and it still works. Interesting because...successful “tinkering” always is interesting.


It’s not a desert, but looking at the aerial photos of Dungeness I can see why it might be described as one.

From 2015: theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/a

I think my neighbours have had enough of seagulls on their roof. Some kind of bird-of-prey kite installed:

New old word for me: “gigglemud”, constantly smiling.

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