Underground radioactive decay produces heat energy equivalent to a Hiroshima bomb. Every 3 seconds. This is normal.

From "A day in the life of Earth" which you should catch on iPlayer if you can: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000

Does the iterative fit? at the Turner Contemporary (which is closed boxing day)

Weird: laundry symbols/pictograms are not included in the current Unicode standard. Not that I can find, anyway.

Looks like a big breakthrough on an important problem:

"AlphaFold topped a table of 98 entrants, predicting the most accurate structure for 25 out of 43 proteins, compared with three out of 43 for the second placed team in the same category."


Dramatic skies and colours on the dog walk this afternoon.

Today is Good Tech Conf. First conference I’ve been to at the i360.

Two wonderful things about "The Most Unknown" (film; 9 scientists dropped into each other's fields to chat and see what they do):

1. Yes, the science is well represented. Because it's not talking to journalists about results. It's talking to each other about the questions.

2. The joy and goofery when the [REDACTED TO AVOID SPOILERS] scientists gets to the [REDACTED] at the top of the mountain.


"Perhaps reducing the decibel level of displays to a more reasonable level, or even removing the bangs altogether is the answer. Would fireworks be any less beautiful if they were silent?" 🎆


I've been having fun evolving Atari game players. Too much detail, but here the blog post: richard.dallaway.com/2018/10/2

Went into to Royal Pavillion for the first time (despite living in Brighton on and off for about 24 years). It’s...overwhelming.

Danny opens UX Brighton 2018.

And I am too close to the stage.

Did the Snailway Trail last night (thank you lovely sponsors 😍 at justgiving.com/fundraising/jan ).

Extra bonus of it ending with silent disco on the bandstand 🤩


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I’m doing the 19th December with some of my favourite people like @standupmaths@twitter.com @helenarney@twitter.com @bechillcomedian@twitter.com and @spenley@twitter.com !

The gigs are fast approaching. Excited that so many of our new bloggers will be joining us across the four nights! @jonmbutterworth, @helenczerski, @garwboy, @brennawalks, @GinnyFBSmith, @michaellegge, @soozaphone, …

IBM using LIME in their bias/explanatory AI products. “We’ve been told not to mention LIME, but as you’ve asked I guess it’s ok...” 🙄😀

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The bubbles on the beach can get quite big. Big as a person.

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