Lots to digest from Anastasia Dedyukhina's "Neuroscience of digital distractions" talk last night.

The main new thing for me was: even having a device near you adds a little bit of choice distraction, impacting your attention.


Correction to my typo: 1914, not 1814, for Golden Delicious.

Apple facts I want to remember:

- Egremont Russet 1872 (Sussex)
- Granny Smith 1868 (Australia)
- Golden Delicious 1814 (West Virginia)
- Braeburn 1952 (NZ)
- Gala 1970s (NZ)
- Jazz 2007 (NZ)

Source: Roberts, A (2018) Tamed, pp. 276-277.

On route to Hartland Point, Devon. The dome is a radar installation.

Took a brief break during Belgium beer tasting to see how the fries are made.

OMG Excellent statistics pun at BrightonAstro tonight in section on population, sample size, and average: “The Ns justify the means”. Attributed to John Tukey.

Learned a new word: isepipteses (lines of similar arrival times, on a map. I think.). But I’ve not found any examples to look at yet.

Visiting Red House. I know nothing about pre-raphaelites. Well, maybe a tony bit now.


I've been back in Brighton for 17 years (as of yesterday) and I finally used the lovely library.

I'm going to try very hard to visit the Pavillion this year too.

I think that must be the first Vega launch I’ve seen. That one goes up so fast. No moody steaming on the launch pad; light it, and it goes.

One for the Brighton (UK) beach people: I've added @brightontide here.

Looks like there's a 22:20 BST launch tonight of a ... space laser!

To measure wind speed. 3.4-Kilowatt laser (sounds impressive, but I have no idea) which is "as powerful as 840 lightbulbs" (sounds less impressive).

- PR: gov.uk/government/news/british
- Payload details: esa.int/Our_Activities/Observi
- Live stream: esa.int/Our_Activities/Observi

I find myself clicking on pretty much all the links off css-tricks.com/delivering-word and I don't even use wordpress:

- energy costs
- green hosting
- mozfest sounds fun!

(found via rrees.me/2018/08/19/sustainabl)

“...in Germanic folk lores they believed that werewolves could be summoned using the tomato...”

Started work on a raspberry pi night camera to see what animals are visiting us during the night. Fun learning project. mastodon.social/media/_NehBAbf


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