he was on a missionary trip or w/e they're called which i thought was weird because this was a major city in Canada, not like, the south pacific

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one time i was walking back from visiting the weed guy with two ounces in my bag and someone jumps out of the shadows and goes "excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?" i thought it was a cop and my heart almost stopped but it was just a mormon

i have "she call me mr. boombastic, say me fantastic" stuck in my head. not the whole song just that line

went back to the birdsite briefly just now and realized i had almost forgotten all about current events by just posting on here for 12 hours

If you're part of the great left migration please retoot this to your followers and get me my mufos back. I'll follow you if you're not a cop.

i've been on here like an hour and haven't done anything else. this is the most fun Posting has been for me in years

re-toot this if you are not horny. we need to stand up for ourselves and reclaim this before it becomes a nightmare portal for the horny masses

there's no numbers on here to measure engagements, this feels so unbelievably freeing

wait. wait. hang on.


ok now it's fun again

the reply button does not do anything fancy. i am now bored with this site

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oh shit the middle one spins around too! this is dope

this is like some sort of beautiful gold rush. there are no libs to performative dunk on, and you can't quote tweet even if you wanted to. you can say fuck terfs and kill nazis and nothing unpleasant happens. these are halcyon days. this is Arcadia.

i'm just indiscriminately hitting the gold star button on here because it spins around and that is very cool, to me


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