OH my god, they're getting rid of Unity. PRAISE STALLMAN.

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because seriously fuck Unity.

But really, I hardly if ever run a Linux desktop OS with a GUI installed.

My usual env is either Windows or OSX and mremoteng (windows) or iterm2 and a bunch of keyed, aliased SSH sessions.

@da_667 honestly I can't imagine going back to using a non-tiling WM. Folks can feel free to faff about with their mouse input devices all they want. I ain't

@da_667 Unity was tablet or mobile first(not even sure...) without adequate support for desktop scenarios. Microsoft also did the same mistake at that time...

@da_667 I haven't followed this super-close, but aren't they replacing it with an almost-as-resource-hoggy GNOME3?

@Esq I remember when gnome was light on resources. Sigh.

@da_667 now if we could just take systemd out behind the barn & put it out of our misery.

@da_667 To replace it with what, Gnome 3? These cancel each other out, right?

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