There is a seismic shift happening in social media right now, with people moving platforms in search of freedom of expression.

The BPSAA is supporting alternative social media and working towards creating more tools that will make freedom of speech technologically possible for now and the future.

#security #privacy #collaboration #interoperability #blockchain

Job available: Join the LibreOffice Team as a Development Mentor, 20-40 hours per week, working remotely. You'll help to attract new contributors to LibreOffice, bring them onboard, and support their work as they improve the software for millions of users: just announced BeagleV™—an affordable 64-bit multicore RISC V credit-card sized computer designed to run . Discover more at

The ZMap Project is a collection of open source that enable researchers to perform large-scale studies of the hosts and services that compose the public Internet.

Playing with GNOME Shell 40 touchpad gestures 🔥

The shell developers are doing a awesome job. It's incredible!

Don't worry, the actual animations aren't that slow, I just move my fingers very slowly on my trackpad. The animations match the actual movement of my fingers.

PeerTube, the Fediverse's own alternative to YouTube, uses peer-to-peer technology to allow anyone to host their own video service without a data centre.

It received a major update today which includes support for live streaming 🎉

You can run your own PeerTube instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting provider such as Spacebear:

#FediTips #Fediverse #PeerTube

Apple also started the new year in its own "smart" way (by taking it on

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