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Here's how #AI will take over the world, slowly and inconspicuously:

Various white collar employees and politicians not understanding their domains of work, using software that helpfully suggests insights to be drawn and courses of actions to be taken. It's easy to look at what the software suggests you to look at, and if you don't understand the domain, you can't tell what the software isn't noticing.

I realized this playing with the recent version of MS #Excel.


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I also updated usemodify.com/ with new tags (damage, dirty), the nice project redaction.us and the cool font Manusquared by @quentinJHL

Hey guys so I am teaching a workshop at the CIID Winter School Tokyo. Learn more about the weeklong workshop: ciid.dk/education/summer-schoo so if you happen to be in tokyo and want to use sensors/phones to create interactive spaces then sign up. will be fun i promise.

@KnowPresent hey do you have an arena channel or just a list of old screenless user interface examples?

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