I've always thought that if you run the Windows 95 Explorer with the folders sidebar and the top toolbar, it looks extremely similar to the modern OSX Finder, two decades later

The version of VMware Fusion I'm using (8.0) still has official support for Windows 95. It's running with specially designed tools to facilitate the OS inside the VM.

No biggie, just installed the best operating system ever on my Macbook Air (Why? For testing a project I'm working on)

It's also about 50x faster than a normal drive, and doesn't make any noise. Well worth the small time investment to fit the adapter.

A while back I replaced this machine's hard drive with a CF card adapter. Meaning I can just pop out the drive in 5 seconds and put files on it via USB on my modern computer.

Doing some partitioning in PartitionMagic, running on DOS. Hard to make a photo of a CRT screen running at 60hz.

Installed Mandarake 9.0 from 2002. Really neat old system, very nice installer and first boot experience.

The idea being that everybody contributes their own Twitter handle and its matching Mastodon handle. Then, to see who among your friends is on Mastodon, you allow the site access to your Twitter account so it can scan your following list.

Is there a site anywhere that will scan your Twitter followers and tell you which one of them are on Mastodon? I should make this

I'm rescuing my files from Google Drive. Terrible, slow piece of trash. Took literally two days to fully sync from server, but those same files could've been copied over from my own backup drive in a matter of minutes.

Made some updates to my cute colorized Finder icons for OSX. They're now even cuterer. And you can use them if you want github.com/msikma/osx-folder-i

Successfully put a new SSD drive into my Macbook Pro. 256GB ➡️ 1TB. Now doing a clean reinstall.

I've been making more icons for organizing my projects. This used to be built into OS9 (to some degree) but not anymore.

Busy making a new prompt and terminal greeting. But now I don't really know what to put there.


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