Shared by some friends not on mastodon, on Facebook today. A screen grab of a mastodon post is now a meme on facebook!
@natecull @Gargron

@dadegroot @natecull @Gargron are you posting a facebook screenshot of a mastodon screenshot on mastodon ? would you like me to post a screenshot of that screenshot of a screenshot back to facebook ? :blobnomcookie:

@dadegroot @natecull @Gargron
I saw one a couple of weeks back, originally posted to Mastodon, screenshotted and posted to Tumblr, then to Twitter, then on to Facebook - and no-one on FB, that I could see, knew what the original was!
Luckily, I did some digging, and found a link to the original.

@stuartb @dadegroot @natecull It's a bit there's no branding in this UI at all, not even a subtle logo, so people would never know it's from Mastodon unless you told them. The retweet icon from Font Awesome even makes it look like twitter 😩

@Gargron @dadegroot @natecull
The only thing that gave it away was the user id -

@Gargron @dadegroot @natecull
Yeah, here's the original post on FB that one of my friends shared - pity my browser has refreshed that FB page, because now I can't find my friends post with my rant about always citing sources, after several people went viral with this across several platforms, without the original author getting any of the love.

I have further escalated this madness, because that's just how I roll:

This is now a Mastodon toot linking to a Google+ reshare of @Gargron's boost of @dadegroot's reshare of a Facebook reshare of a screenshot of a boost of @natecull's toot (which I did look for but could not find).

You're welcome. <curtseys>

@woozle @natecull @dadegroot @Gargron
FYI, also went and looked for it after spotting a different screenshot of it on G+. Found it eventually:

@dadegroot @gargron @natecull did this with cyberpunk is now and another one of that person's posts lol

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