Dear web devs: when writing regex to check email addresses, please, do take into account that a plus symbol is a valid character before the @!


@diegovicente so is a dash and a full stop while they’re at it.

@dadegroot @diegovicente dear web devs, when writing email regexes for production use, please don't. It's bloody complicated, you will get it wrong. Takes years to catch most issues you've missed.

@zladuric @diegovicente And another thing, specifically aimed at Google. You *cannot* ignore punctuation in email addresses and just expect all the mail to go where it's meant to go.

"Insert one or several dots (".") anywhere in your email address. Gmail doesn't recognize periods as characters in addresses -- we just ignore them."

@dadegroot @diegovicente Isn't the dots thing only for incoming? Did I miss something? In which case it's transient to senders outside gmail.

@zladuric @diegovicente not sure. I know they have let accounts be created without dots where accounts exist with a dot. And I sometimes get email addressed to the non-dot account to my account with a dot (and I’m pretty sure mine came first as I was on the initial invite round).

@dadegroot @diegovicente That's what I'm saying. I know that if you have, you can turn it into wha.tever@ or any dot variations. Sending or receiving. But it can't mess with your emails hosted somewhere else. (Except for GSuite accounts or whatever they're called).

It's as if they create virtual aliases for all your username letters + any numbers of dots. So that's simply a feature (that hosters of old would charge extra).

@zladuric @diegovicente my problem with it is their mail routing algorithms aren’t as good as they think they are. If I have account and you have account, at no point should I receive mail addressed to but sometimes I do.
So either they honour the dots properly or don’t allow accounts that would match with/without a dot.

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