Many (esp. Australians), saw the appalling video of a wombat being stoned to death by a South Australian Police Officer. The Wombat Awareness Organisation of South Australia runs a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for wombats, and has put a call out for donations.
If you've got a few spare dollars, flick some here:

to help feed and care for wombats suffering in the drought.


i think i'd rather go throw rocks at those cops while cosplaying a wombat.

@Nikolai_Kingsley That would definitely be satisfying, but wouldn't feed a starving wombat.


it might dissuade further attacks from the people who are tasked with keeping the peace among humans. like the two exemplary officers i saw at Frankston station recently. both of them were sitting on a prone man, both whacking him with their batons and shouting "STOP RESISTING" while he was feebly trying to say "i'm not resisting".

i would have made a video recording, but i live locally and i prefer to stay under the radar.

@dadegroot Hope the sanctuary's working on training wombies to chuck rocks at cops.

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