Whenever I get into something new, I tend to get carried away easily and race into the crazy fine details immediately.

So anyway that's why making a loaf of #bread this weekend led me to googling "grow wheat in back yard".

@mike Not from the mainstream stores, but lots of smaller specialist stores carry them ... Mostly from an Austrian supplier, it seems ...

@yojimbo I wonder how much it'd cost to get a scythe made locally ...

Paging @dadegroot :awesome:

@matt @yojimbo @dadegroot my god the ecosystem of specialised accessories makes Apple look restrained and reasonable.

"The scythe peening hammer has two ends to its head. The broad-faced end is typically used for peening with one of our peening anvils, while the narrow-faced end can be used with our repair anvils to perform edge repair."

I never knew scything would be so complex.

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