My youngest child declared himself ACE and wanted a black ring, so this morning’s project was to machine a ring to size and fire blacken it (what else would a do?)

I started with some 22.5mm round high torsion stainless bar and machine out the centre on the lathe. I then progressively snuck up on the right size with a dremel and hand sanded to finish before heating and quenching in oil multiple times to blacken it.

@dadegroot 😍 this is so cool!! I love how supportive you are to make your son and ace ring :heart_ace:

@dadegroot Oh how lovely! (Both the ring and the response.)

and a while ago, during , @vicorva described what being means to her:
Might be worth the read to get a glimpse of what it means to an person beyond just the meaning of the word. :)
@jess @dadegroot

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