@mjog ’s brackets are almost done now. All are “within tolerances” but are definitely not identical. Still to do is to drill the bolt holes in the tabs.

I also learnt an important lesson about where to put the hot pieces when I’m done with them, as i stepped on one while holding another and it swung up and burnt through my sock and burnt my leg. I’ll spare you the leg picture.
Luckily, there’s a freezer downstairs with a small ice brick in it, that fit in my sock, so I could continue working.

@mjog brackets are now all the same height! I just need to wire brush, drill the bolt holes, and blacken.

@PaulfromOz Yeah could have been, although I do tend to notice when I'm burning pretty quickly, and the piece on the floor was at a "black heat" (so, less than 600ºC, and probably somewhere around 200º-ish).

@mjog seems to be. You tend to notice that burning sensation pretty quickly :-)

@mjog They now have 10mm drilled holes in the tabs. Almost done :)

@wjt @dadegroot They're for some bookshelves - have the planks, these will let me reconfigure and deploy them as needed.

@wjt @dadegroot I treat most things like I treat my software - don't buy commercial, mass produced products, pay people instead of companies where needed. :)

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