Right, some shade erected, as the Sun keeps popping out and itโ€™s too hot in the Sun to be standing in front of a fire.

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Time to take the dough out of the fridge to slowly warm up to room temperature. Should be ready by the time the oven is ready.

Starting to get hot in the oven, the smoke is barely visible, meaning Iโ€™m getting a more efficient burn.

Looking pretty close to temp now. Just waiting for the children to arrive.

@dadegroot how long do I have left to magically discover a teleportation device to transport myself over to your deck? ;)

@LovesTha aye. 21ยฐC outside, semi overcast so it shouldnโ€™t get too much hotter.


Where do you bought that wood, in the Chernobyl forest???

@GustavinoBevilacqua It's just wood from my property. It's all down to thermal mass of the oven, and insulation. The design ensures that the heat is trapped inside for the most part, and the bricks are refractory bricks, so they happily soak up and store the heat (and can take the high temperatures). The room of the oven was about 570ยบC, but I've had it up to around 650ยบC before.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Yep, but thankfully not that hot, otherwise my aluminium pizza paddle would be in real trouble ;-)

@dadegroot looks very good! Much better than from my hot air oven...
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